Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I was just telling B-Dad a couple days ago about how the armadillo only seems to fall asleep either in his crib or in his car seat. He rarely sleeps in his stroller much less anywhere else. Well I was proved wrong yesterday. After a morning of climbing, running, and walking around I think it’s safe to assume that the armadillo was just a little bit tired. When we got home I carried him inside as he had fallen asleep in the car. I took off his shoes and proceeded to put him down, standing up. I figured that was the easiest way to make sure he woke up. But the armadillo threw me for a loop. He was standing, straightening up, saw the carpet in the living room and walked to the edge. The armadillo then ensued to lie down. I thought he was playing until I noticed that his eyes were closed and he wasn’t getting up. In my mind I was thinking, “Ah, he’s going to get up soon … there’s no way he’s comfortable lying there.” Again I was wrong. A few minutes passed and he was still sleeping there. I think it's safe to assume B-Dad and I made the right choice in picking the carpet we have.

It's Armadillo-approved.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I was revisiting some older pictures of the armadillo and came across this one. Isn't he adorable? Aside from the plastic knife he's holding of course ...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Music Class, Here We Come

I made the trek to the armadillo’s Gymboree Music class today. We all survived … Whew! I carried the little buckaroo [my nickname for the littlest one because he behaves as if he’s on a buckin’ bronco when we try to burp him on our shoulders … swaying back and forth, side to side … this little guy has a powerful neck muscle] in the Moby Wrap. It was a little bit tricky to participate in the class with the armadillo and me carrying the little buckaroo, but I supposed we managed fine. We haven’t been to the class for obvious reasons thus I could tell that the armadillo was a tad shy in class at the beginning. He was clingy and wouldn’t get off my lap but when the instruments came out, clear a path! The armadillo joyfully participated pounding the sticks together, swinging the scarves around, and experimenting with each musical instrument available. I felt good watching the armadillo having an enjoyable time. He had even a better time climbing on the play structures after class. So good that he was running away from me when I told him that we had to leave. Oh don’t you love that?! I eventually had to tell him that mama was leaving without him. That got him upset and he followed me out of the play area. I don’t mean to trouble him, but it usually works as a last resort tactic.

But I know sooner or later the armadillo is going to call my bluff, then what do I do?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

King of the Little Ladder

Hooray! We made it to our playgroup’s park date today. Of course we were there 45 minutes later than the meeting time, but I can’t expect much, including being on time. It was a marvelous park. The play structures were age appropriate for my armadillo and the weather was perfect. I think the armadillo had a fab time climbing and playing with the sand. I wish I knew there was sand then I could have brought the sand toys I bought for him. Well there’s always next time. It was wonderful to see the moms and their little ones again. The group has grown immensely in such a short time. I know there were members there that recently joined, but unfortunately I didn’t get to meet them. I did get a chance to talk to the other women I have met before. The little sprout was snug as a bug in the wrap. He slept the whole time so it made it easier for me to keep an eye on the armadillo.

I thought it was a bit strange and amusing that the armadillo would get possessive of a ladder. On one of the play structures you have to climb a short ladder, only about 4 rungs to get to the top of a slide. Naturally I just assumed the armadillo would climb up to get to the slide, slide down, then climb back up. I was mistaken. The armadillo was obsessed with the ladder and proceeded to go up and down … up and down … up and down. When other children wanted to climb up, a mini whine ensued. So instead of becoming king of the mountain, my armadillo wanted to be king of the little ladder. He would probably have started collecting toll charges if we stayed longer. Of course these toll charges would increase next month. Maintenance costs, etc … you know how it goes ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sip of Ranch Dressing

Who needs milk when I have ranch dressing? Lately the armadillo has taken to “drinking” dipping sauces instead of dipping his food in it. He has been in this imitation phase where he sees B-Dad and I using dipping sauces and he wants to do the same. So we give him a little spoonful of ranch dressing for his pita bread, but he leaves the pita on the side and brings the bowl to his face … slurping away. Yum. He’s lost the whole concept of dipping. The armadillo rather drink the ketchup than dunk his fries in it. I think it’s nasty but the armadillo loves it. Goes with my creed … “If it keeps him happy and doesn’t harm him, let him keep it.”

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's Not Gas

You know how they say that babies at a young age are not really smiling in the way that you and I smile, but that it’s gas. I like to think that he just had a happy thought at the moment B-Dad took this picture. But on the other hand, he has such a gorgeous smile, I could care less what the reason behind it is. Say cheese!


B-Dad ~

You thought I was picky about the replacing the toilet paper roll … check out this story.

Friday, February 17, 2006

What's in Your Diaper?

Me – “What’s that smell?”

B-Dad – “Huh?”

Me – “I think the armadillo pooped.”

Armadillo – (sitting next to me)

B-Dad – looking at the armadillo, “Did you poop?”

Me – looking at the armadillo, “Did you go poopy?”

Armadillo – stares at the both of us for a second, smiles sheepishly, then laughs his head off

Another one of those priceless moments I wished I captured on video and then played back at the armadillo's wedding reception.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No More Waffle Cones

The armadillo is still battling this cold so we decided not to meet up with the other moms today. His nose is still running and he’s coughing therefore being outdoors at the park would have been a terrible idea, especially since the weather forecast called for cooler temperatures. I don’t want the armadillo getting any sicker. On top of the armadillo’s cold, we haven’t been to Gymboree since the little sprout was born as well. What’s a SAHM and her 2 little boys to do? That always seems to be the eternal question these days. I need to get out of the house at least once a day, and what would keep my boys semi-occupied at the same time. I couldn’t go to my favorite store, Target. We’ve already been there twice this week. Oh yes, twice already and it’s only Thursday. B-Dad's busy at work so he can't meet us for lunch. So I decided to go to the mall ... AGAIN. Booooh-ring. The mall just doesn't hold the same appeal to me as it did before the little sprout arrived. I used to take the armadillo to the bookstore and let him walk around, I'd take him to the center area of the mall to walk/run around, I'd buy him waffle cones as a special treat, etc ... That's all changed. I don’t yet have the courage or the game plan to let the armadillo run around in the bookstore or the center area of the mall. The center area has 3 levels and I’m afraid the armadillo is not going to be able to navigate the steps carefully and take a tumble. I won’t be able to watch the armadillo as carefully as I want to since I also have to keep one eye on the little sprout too. Every time we walk past the center area, the armadillo points to it and tries to verbalize to me that he wants to play over there. Alas, I have to pretend I don’t understand and quickly walk past. How miserable for the armadillo. On top of not being able to play, the ice cream store where I buy waffle cones for the armadillo have closed up. What's a trip to the mall without our waffle cones?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's a Boy

The other day I received a package. Inside the package was a porcelain bootie with the little sprout’s information [name, birth date, weight, and height] engraved. It was sent by my obstetrician’s office. I thought it was a pleasant gesture and very generous of them, but there was just one thing wrong. They sent us a pink bootie. Oh yeah, the pink one. One would assume they would double check the gender but I guess not. Bighearted as it was it’s a shame. If you know a baby that was born on January 23 of this year, send me an email. If the baby’s name matches my little sprout’s name, I’ll send you the bootie. Oh yeah, make sure the baby is a girl.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Inequality Among Boys

Where’s the equality among boys and girls when it comes to clothing and accessories? Having 2 boys I find it so exasperating when the selection I have to choose from when shopping is 1/3 the size of the collections for girls. Do manufacturers/companies believe that boys wear less clothes than girls? Do they believe that the parents of little boys enjoy doing more cycles of laundry because boys have less clothes? Or do they believe that just because I have 2 boys that I despise going shopping for them? Or is there a lack of creativity among children’s designers when it comes to boys’ clothing? It infuriates me when I see that the girls’ selection outweighs the boys 2:1. This is probably the reason why I look more towards shopping for the armadillo and his little brother at online boutiques. Some of my favorites include Uncommonly Cute, Black Wagon, Born Hip, Baby Wit, Appaman, etc … Oh and another thing, why when it comes to gender-neutral clothing, manufacturers choose yellow as the color? Since when does “yellow” go both ways? I’ve never seen a yellow tee as being masculine. Not unless it has a screen print of Ahh-nold on it … “I’ll be back”.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Wrap Him Up

I never carried the armadillo in a baby carrier/sling/wrap and thinking about it now I regret it. Before the armadillo’s little brother was born I purchased a Moby Wrap. After trying on a few slings/wraps I decided on the Moby Wrap. It’s a 6 meter length wrap made out of soft stretchy cotton. There are no buckles, snaps, or rings. You just simply wrap the material around yourself as directed. There are instructions for carrying your child in a number of different positions. Right now I like to carry the little sprout in the newborn hold. The little sprout is in the fetal position with his head resting on my chest. I adore carrying him like this. It’s so comforting and reassuring for the little sprout and myself. What I enjoy about the Moby Wrap is that it is comfortable to wear, there are a number of holds I can use, and I get to spend some skin-to-skin time with my little sprout. When I think about that, I lament about not having that experience with the armadillo. We did have a Baby Bjorn Sport Carrier but I could never get comfortable with using that. I tried the Hip Hammock, but also never got cozy with that one either. I wished I found about the Moby Wrap when the armadillo was born. It would have been delightful to carry the armadillo when he was a tiny baby.

Update on the armadillo’s cold … he’s in the coughing stage right now. Couple nights ago B-Dad had to give him a breathing treatment. The armadillo was wheezing a little. His breathing is better now, though I can hear mucus in his chest when he breathes sometimes. If he still has that tomorrow I may take him to the doctor. At least he’s in good spirits … still running around and causing the usual havoc. I'm sure the cats love that!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Help Wanted

Help wanted: part-time armadillo wrangler while at a public park! Today was the many of first’s. The armadillo, myself, and my little sprout went to the park today to meet the other mommies/kids. I was a bit nervous going to a park with the both of them. I wasn’t sure how I was going to set this up. Do I bring a stroller? Do I leave the little sprout in his car seat? Or do I put him in my wrap? Do I put just the armadillo in the stroller? What supplies do I bring? Questions, questions, questions … I opted to put the armadillo in the stroller, put the little sprout in the Moby Wrap, and bring snacks for the armadillo and the little sprout’s bottle. I think after today carrying the little sprout in the wrap and chasing after the armadillo may not work so well. It’s a little tricky climbing after the armadillo with a baby wrapped in front of you. But then again, chasing the armadillo would take me away from the little sprout if I left him in the car seat/stroller. I’m not sure what the best scenario is other than avoiding the park altogether, which by the way is not an alternative for us. The armadillo needs his playdates/exercise. Ah I’m sure I’ll figure out something. I’d better …

The armadillo did cause my heart to skip a beat at the park today. He managed to climb up a play structure and was leaning towards a spiral pole of sorts which was setup about a ½ foot from the border of the structure. Oh damn if he wasn’t holding on to something. I yelled to him to stop right there and thankfully managed to detour the armadillo to another area. Whew! That would have been some fall. I hate to even think of it. [Cringe]

No Gymboree class tomorrow ... I think the armadillo is catching a cold ... poor baby.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Recently I was let go in my job as the armadillo's bedtime story reader. Needless to say that I am disappointed and I find it just a wee bit heartbreaking. Okay not a wee bit, a huge bit. Ever since I was admitted to the hospital the armadillo has preferred to having B-Dad read him his stories. Those two nights away from me must have pushed B-Dad up to the coolest bedtime story reader position, which I previously held. These days when it’s time for the armadillo to go to bed, B-Dad carries him to his room, and automatically the word “Bye” can be heard from the armadillo, accompanied by the obligatory wave. This of course is directed at me. This is what it has come to currently. Earlier it started with the armadillo saying “no” when I would start to read his stories. B-Dad and I thought that he didn’t like the story I was reading. It turned out that he wanted B-Dad to read the story, not me. The armadillo would point at the book and gestured that he wanted to hold the book. I would give it to him and he would pass it on to B-Dad for him to read. After a couple of nights the armadillo would not only take the book from me to give to B-Dad, but he would then look at me and say “Bye”. Wow, I can take a hint. Now the armadillo is content with B-Dad taking him into his room, without me, and having his stories read by his pappy. I guess I should be somewhat relieved as that frees me up to watch the little sprout in my room. But hell, no one likes rejection, especially when it's from one of your own.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Wow I did it! Today was the first day that I took both my little boys out on my own. We went to a Krafty Kids event that my mom’s meetup group planned. It was held at one of the member’s house and I thought that was an easy enough environment to bring the two of them. When we got there the armadillo was somewhat hesitant to enter the house but once he stepped in and saw all of his buddies he took off like a shot! It was great to see him interacting with the other kids and having fun. He must have been a bit bored the past couple of weeks just hanging out with mommy and B-Dad. This was an ideal change of pace for the armadillo. I was pleasantly surprised at how well behave he was. He played nicely, shared, and didn’t make a big fuss about things. My little sprout slept contently in his car seat for the first hour we were there. Of course his tummy woke him up and he wanted food … now! There was the real test. How to feed the little sprout and watch the roving armadillo at the same time. I think I managed that pretty well. Of course I couldn’t watch him every minute, but thankfully I caught him before he ate most of the glitter from a glitter pen he got a hold of. Oh yes, and I stopped him before he chewed off the tip of a pen. I guess I can’t expect him not to put everything in his mouth, but I can at least dream it. All in all I would say that my outing with my 2 boys went well. The armadillo had fun and the little sprout was content. Whew … 1 day down and many many more to come …

Monday, February 06, 2006

I Just Don't Know About This ...

Home Alone with the Boys

Today was my first day with the boys without B-Dad. He went back to work … slacker. [Joke] All last night I was thinking of ways to make things easier for the three of us. Who do I take upstairs first? Do I change them downstairs or in the bedroom? How long can I leave the armadillo downstairs to get things from upstairs. Can I carry my glass of water and the little sprout upstairs without dropping one or the other? What if I have to go to the bathroom? How do I do tha? Ah the questions that run through my mind. I then figured that I would just have to wait and see till tomorrow to determine how to do things.

The armadillo is still adjusting to the little sprout. This morning the armadillo threw his usual tantrums because I couldn’t pick him up. I was feeding the little sprout at the time and unfortunately there was nothing I could do. Oh the armadillo was furious. I feel a bit of pity but there’s nothing I could do. I remind myself that when he gets older he won’t remember the first months when he feels as if he has to compete for attention. It’s to be expected though. I just hope that the armadillo gets pass this stage soon.

The little sprout had his first doctor’s appointment today. He’s gained a good amount of weight and has grown ½ inch since his birth. How quickly they develop. The poor little sprout also received his hepatitis shot. Owie! His poor face turned a deep purple when he got the shot. It was one of those where the mouth is wide open as if he was screaming but there was no sound coming out. Oh I hate those!

I think it’s going to storm tonight. No I haven’t looked at the weather forecast. The armadillo ate only 2 criss-cut fries from Carl’s Jr. That’s a first. Normally he eats at least ½ the order. Something weird is going to happen … I just know it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Can We Still Call It Hawaiian Pizza?

Del Monte is planning on stopping pineapple operations in Hawaii in a couple of years. Sad, but a fact of life. According to Del Monte it's cheaper to produce pineapple in other areas. That brings up the question, that if they stop producing pineapple in Hawaii, does that mean anything made with pineapple cannot be called “Hawaiian-something-or-otherwise” in it? For example, a burger with a pineapple can no longer be called the “Hawaiian Burger”? I honestly hope so. Having been born and raised in the 50th state then moving up to the mainland, I never understood the whole connection between pineapple and Hawaii. I know yes after the sugar cane companies left, pineapple was the #1 agricultural product in Hawaii, but I don’t think that qualifies to call something “Hawaiian” because it has a yellow ring on it. For me growing up, I rarely ate pineapple unless someone had opened a can of pineapple chunks or made a fruit salad. To the best of my recollection I can’t recall my family making a main dish with pineapple in it, dessert yes, entrée no. Ah but that’s just my 2 cents. Click here for the full story …

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rachel Ray I am Not

I’m no Rachel Ray that’s for sure. That being said, I feel special today. Why you ask? Well it’s because the superb group of women from my mom’s meetup group provided me and my family with prepared meals. How awesome is that?! It means so much to me that these lovely ladies took the time to arrange something for my family to eat. There were even a couple of dishes from women I’ve never met before! Talk about generosity. I only hope that I can do something in return for these delightful women. I can say that having people bring by food is such a huge help when you have a newborn in the family. Who has time to cook or even think about what’s for dinner. It was also very kind of our group’s organizer to drop off the meals to our home. She’s a delightful woman who has a charming 3 year old daughter. Thank you ladies!

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