Saturday, December 31, 2005

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

2006 is upon us, tomorrow to be exact. No big plans for us here. We are total homebodies if you can’t tell. B-Dad and I enjoy spending our free time at home catching up on our TIVO recordings, watching movies, and playing with the armadillo. Especially now that we have a toddler in our family it’s a good excuse for B-Dad and I as to why we don’t stay up late, get drunk, and party. The weather is crap anyway so chalk up another reason not to go out.

B-Dad is cleaning up the garage and I’m up in our room watching, or more listening to the 56th Annual NHK Red and White Singing Festival. The festival is a once a year event in Japan which pits male singers versus female singers in a sort of competition. The Red Team competes against the White Team. I remember watching this every year growing up back home. I had my favorites back then but now forget it. I have no clue as to who these new young singers are but there are some old favorites that I do remember. In regards to the younger singers, my goodness, most of them are horrible. Talk about an American Idol nightmare. Some of them can’t hold a tune to save their life. How did they ever get a recording contract? I figure it’s because these young people are kawaii [cute] and cuteness sells in Japan. I wish the show had subtitles though. They always seem to be laughing and I would like to know what the joke was. Holy horrible hairdos! There’s a performer whose keyboardist is sporting an afro … no joke! Now the same performer has little kids with white afro wigs dancing around. Sigh, I don’t get it and I believe I never will. I can just picture the look on the armadillo's Great-Grandma's face when she sees this.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Beware of Miso

Now I have two "dangerous" dogs ... a rottweiler and I bet they are going to add chihuahuas to the list now. See full story. Don't mess with her!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

How Do I Get a Piece of Babies 'R Us

I’m starting to panic a little … have I got everything ready for our impending arrival? The answer is of course no. I’m thinking we need a trip to Babies ‘R Us this weekend or the next to look at some items. I’m running in my mind in what may be a typical day for all of us including the hormone and I find things that I could use or would like to have.

These are just a number of items I’m thinking we’ll need …

I ordered the large Patemm Pad in the Jack Martin print for changing diapers downstairs. It would be such a hassle to bring the armadillo and the hormone upstairs to change their diapers. I have the smaller size and it's worked very well for the armadillo. I leave it in the car in those cases where he needs a quick change while we're out and about.

I need something to put the hormone in while I'm either chasing the armadillo around or doing things around the house. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and a toddler, I can't leave the hormone just anywhere. I'm not sure if this is the right item. We tried a bouncer for the armadillo soon after he was born, but he never did sit right in the bouncer seat. He kept slouching and looked so uncomfortable.

Or maybe we'll just get another Pack 'n Play for downstairs?

We need another video monitor for the hormone.

We also need a sleep wedge to keep the hormone from shifting. We had one for the armadillo but it's too worn and used.

This is just some items that I've thought of so far. I know there's more but can't think of it right now. Boy that list just grows and grows. I didn't think we'd have to buy a lot of things since we're just going to re-use most of the armadillo's stuff. But when you are preparing for the child after your first the dynamics of every day living change. No wonder the baby industry generates billions of dollars every year. That's what I should have asked for as a gift for the Christmas ... stock in Babies 'R Us. Too bad the company is privately owned. Wouldn't you know it?!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Armadillo's Favorite Gift By Far

"Forget about my Doodle Pro, my Leap Frog radio, my Fire Station, my books, etc ... my favorite gift this Christmas is my Pappy's shoes. Have a great holiday season everyone!" ~ Armadillo

Home for the Holidays

How was your Christmas? We had a good holiday. Even though the armadillo is still not yet old enough to understand who Santa Claus is, I’m sure in time he’ll welcome the old man with a beard with open arms. The armadillo surely raked in the goodies this year. He collected numerous toys, clothes, and books. He wasn’t all that interested in opening the gifts, but enjoyed seeing what came out of it. At times, the wrapping paper and the boxes were more interesting than the actual gift. That’s not a surprise for a 1 ½ year old.

We hosted a holiday party on Christmas Eve night. B-Dad did a fantastic job decorating, cleaning and setting up everything for that night. He was such a big help. Me being as big as I am, I couldn’t contribute much. All in all everything went well. Everyone left by 9:30pm which allowed the armadillo to go to bed at a decent hour so that he would be in a good mood to see what more gifts Santa had brought. It was definitely a change from the previous years where we left to go home around midnight. Way too late! The only drawback to hosting the party was that to setup and to clean up took a toll on B-Dad’s and my feet and back. We were sore. I think the next time we host we’re going to hire someone to cater, setup and clean up. It would definitely be worth the money I believe.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Imp with Ponytails

For a brief second I turned into an angry lioness at The Jungle yesterday. B-Dad and I took the armadillo to the Jungle for some playtime. I hate the fact that I have to watch out for naughty kids that misbehave towards my armadillo. Wouldn’t it be perfect if all kids behaved and was born with the gene to share? But back in the real world we know that’s not the case. In the toddler village there was a girl, who I will fittingly nickname the “imp with ponytails”, was not too much older than the armadillo … about 4-6 months I guess. The armadillo wanted to play in the area that holds the hundreds of plastic balls but as soon as he approached the “imp with ponytails”, who was already inside, started coming towards him saying “no”, “no”. The mother was right there so she told the “imp with ponytails” to share and pulled her back. Fine, so the armadillo was playing for a bit but of course the attention span is short and he ventured elsewhere. The armadillo ventured over to his favorite structure, the door. The same “imp with ponytails” headed over there too and started to pull the door away from the armadillo. She started saying “no” and didn’t want to share the door. After a couple of “no’s”, I went over there to tell her nicely that we should all share. The mother was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t want to be rude and overstep my boundaries, so I thought speaking nicely to the “imp with ponytails” was appropriate behavior. Well she proceeded to keep taking the door away from the armadillo. Having enough of this, I got up to get the armadillo away from the “imp with ponytails” and the door. I just knew the “imp with ponytails” was going to further her dreadful behavior. Boy was my intuition right on, no sooner did I get up to pick up the armadillo the “imp with ponytails” slammed the door on my armadillo! My poor armadillo was caught between the door and the right side of the door frame. I couldn’t help myself and my behavior. I immediately turned to the “imp with ponytails” and loudly exclaimed, “No you don’t do that! Don’t ever do that again!”. The armadillo was crying of course and had a bump on the side of his head. Oh I was livid. Of course the mother was nowhere around. I felt a little bad that I practically yelled at the “imp with ponytails” but I couldn’t help it. I know I can’t avoid all the horrible situations my armadillo will be involved in, but I want to be there for when those nasty situations occur. Is that wrong?

Later on in the day I started thinking that eventually the armadillo will be going to school and I can’t be with him all the time. What if he a bully picks on him? I won’t be there to protect him. I started to feel stressed thinking about that and dreading the moment when I can’t be there 24/7. I took some consolidation in knowing that he won’t be leaving my side for a couple more years. So watch out you other little imps out there … the lioness will be by her cub for a little longer and I'm not afraid to show my teeth. Grrrrr....

Friday, December 23, 2005

Magic Carpet

We got our new carpet installed the other day. What a marvelous difference new carpet makes. The carpet is a bit lighter than our old carpet but it looks good. It feels comfortable since there’s supposed to be that ultra padding underneath. It looks comfortable and clean, and I also don’t worry too much about the armadillo picking up yucky germs and such. That being said there are new rules in the house. We are officially a “local style” house. That means the shoes come off upon entering. I know there are some people that have to get used to the idea, including B-Dad. But I don’t want our new carpet getting filthy and who knows what we bring in under our shoes from outdoors. I understand I can’t control every germ and micro-grain of dirt that comes in the house, but I can do my best.

We’re hosting a holiday party tomorrow night and I’m not sure how to let people know the “no shoes” rule. Do I put up a sign? Do I put a bunch of shoes out in the front that will give people a hint? Or do I stand by the entry way all night asking people to take off their shoes? I’m not sure what the pc thing to do is. But I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

With the new carpet installed and our holiday party tomorrow night, the armadillo has a bigger space to run around, and let me tell you … he is DEFINITELY taking advantage of that. The armadillo has 2 speeds when he’s playing downstairs, sitting and running. If he’s not sitting down, he’s running all over the place. Of course he gets into everything … the dog bowls, the cupboards, the cat food, etc … One good thing about the armadillo having a larger play area is that he tires himself out. Oh does he! He’s panting and out of breath at the end of the night. We ask him if he wants to sit and rest … “Na” is his answer. I think that’s the armadillo’s secret to being skinny as a green bean … just run run run and don’t stop till you drop.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wouldn't Want to Meet You

My armadillo will not grow up to be a surfer, scuba diver, marine biologist, or anything having to do with him spending time in the ocean. Not if I have anything to do with it. Call me paranoid, call me silly or even being ridiculous, but ever since I’ve seen the movie Jaws, I can’t go in the ocean. I know that’s a little overboard especially since I’m from the 50th state. But that movie’s made me so fearful of being attacked by a shark, that I’m afraid I’m passing those suspicions onto my son.

Hey I can’t help it. The only beaches I’ll let the armadillo go to are beaches surrounded by reefs or lagoons. I know, I know, the odds of getting killed by lightning are 30 times greater than dying of a shark attack. But Hawaii doesn’t have too many lightning storms, but they sure have sharks. I’ve also read that drowning, heart attacks, beach accidents resulting in spinal injury, sunburn, cuts from stepping on sea shells, dehydration, jellyfish stings, and traffic accidents going to or from the beach are all far more common than shark attacks. But sorry that doesn’t do anything to reduce my fear. Every time I read a story like this, my paranoia level goes up a notch. But in defense of sharks, whom I believe are an essential part of a nature, there is a great article on the myths and statistics of sharks here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Did You Pick this Up from Your Daddy?

My armadillo is slowly becoming a man. Lately he’s had the habit of scratching inside his diaper from the front and behind. I’m not sure if the diaper itches or he’s acquiring some sort of mortifying habit. Ok, it’s not as bad as I make it to be. I mean he’s not turning into an Al Bundy and keeping his hand in his crotch while he sits and watches TV, but it’s not the most pleasing thing for a mommy to watch. I tell him not to do it and remove his hands. Sometimes he’ll stop and forget about it, other times he’ll do it again a minute later. I don’t see a rash so I’m hoping it just that the top of the diaper causes his skin to itch and that it’s not some sort of early jump into manhood.

Whoa Baby!

Can I get something in a smaller size? See full story.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Keep Out

Playtime for the armadillo today! It was so good to have the armadillo getting some exercise and social interaction. We met with the moms’ playgroup today at the Jungle, a large indoor play center here locally. The weather has been crappy lately so playtime was moved indoors. It appeared that the armadillo had fun, but he was a little more clingy than usual. I’m not sure if it was because there were so many kids in toddler village or he’s not all that comfortable in that environment yet. Speaking of so many kids, the area where we meet is specifically for children 3 and under. I can’t help getting irate when kids older than 3 come into that play area and start causing havoc. They run around and play on structures that are obviously not meant for kids their age. These older kids end up being disruptive and may eventually cause harm to our younger little ones. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a protective mother and I won’t stand for some older kid pushing my armadillo around. These older kids have their own play area and they should stay there. Don’t get me wrong not all of the bigger kids are like this, just the majority of them.

Friday, December 16, 2005


There was a 3.4 earthquake centered close to where we live this morning. I only felt it for a split second but it was unnerving. I thought someone came in the house and slammed the front door … HARD! The whole house shook in that split second. The dogs and the cats had that surprised look for an instant but eventually they went back to sleep. What a life.

The armadillo was taking his morning nap at that time and I was surprised he didn’t wake up. But it didn’t faze him at all. He must have been tired.

We're all still sick in some ways. The armadillo is still in the coughing stage, but thankfully it appears that he's not coughing as much. He still has a runny nose like me. I'm still congested and starting to cough. This cold is taking the slow route with me. It's progressing slower than what I'm used to. Great ... just in time for the weekend.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


We’ve all been through it before. You hear a song and it sticks with you the whole day, or in my case for DAYS. This is no ordinary song either. They don’t play it on the radio or at least I don’t think they do. It’s the theme song from a popular kids show. The show is called “Oobi” and it is shown on the cable channel NOGGIN.

Oobi is an original series based on a bare-hand puppet with eyes and accessories. Oobi is a show about curiosity in a young child’s life when everything is new and amazing. The show includes interactive games and stories involving Oobi, an inquisitive four year old, his three year old sister Uma, his best friend Kako, and his grandfather Grampu. All characters are bare handed puppets.

The armadillo and I watch this show every day. It kind of grows on you after awhile. The characters are endearing and the songs are very catchy. The armadillo adores the characters, the short clips with toddlers, and the songs, especially the opening and closing credits. Before you say he’s too young to watch TV, he has an attention span of a couple of minutes at best. So it’s not as if he watches the whole show every day. But he does get so animated when he hears the show’s opening song playing. The armadillo has even started moving his hands as if he has an Oobi puppet with him. Totally adorable!

I shouldn’t complain about having the Oobi song in my head all day … it could be worse. B-Dad has “D-d-d-d- Dora … D-d-d-d Dora … D-d-d-d Dora the Explorer” song in his head. Now that would be a form of mental torture for me.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Bologna Has a First Name

While I was at my doctor’s appointment I was reading a magazine called Plum. It is the first pregnancy magazine for women 35 years and older. Recent studies show that older women are having more children than before with birthrates for women ages 35 – 49 years increasing by 34% since 1990. Who would have thought that I’d be in this hot category? I wish I’d know it was free, I would have took a copy. There were all sorts of articles about testing, exercise, what to eat, what not to eat, etc … The list for what pregnant women cannot eat seems to grow and grow. Of course there’s the obvious alcohol, raw meat and fish, and soft cheeses. But with this pregnancy I was told no cold deli meat. I was never told this with my first child. They say the risk is minimal but why take the chance. Of course this inability to eat a turkey sandwich makes me crave turkey, salami, ham sandwiches, etc … The ultimate sandwich I would love to eat is a bologna sandwich … ooooohhhh yummy! Bologna on white bread with a little mayo. Sigh I want one right now. Why do I torture myself like this?!

Another update to our health … the armadillo is still sick. He is in the coughing stage with some congestion. Poor thing. He keeps waking himself up with all of this coughing. We’re giving him OTC medication but I don’t want to over-medicate him so he’s not getting it all the time. We give the armadillo medication mostly at night to help him sleep. I’m still congested with my sore throat slowly disappearing. The phlegm is building in my throat and my nose. Yuck! As far as B-Dad I’m not sure what stage he is in but he says he feels sick. We need those get well vibes sent to us. B-Dad’s holiday party is this weekend and I’m hoping we’re all better by then..

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I’m heading towards the last stretch of having this hapai body and I’m getting anxious. I’ve started thinking of all the things I need to have done before the hormone arrives. The list keeps growing in my head every time I think about it.

Here’s my current list so far:

order Duo stroller [done!]
make sure armadillo’s infant car seat fits in new car
make sure armadillo’s infant car seat fits in stroller
wash infant car seat cover
make sure travel play yard has the bassinet attachment
purchase 2nd video monitor
clean out swings
pack hospital bag
enhance armadillo’s and gigi’s relationship [B-dad knows what this means]
plan out armadillo’s time away [if necessary J]
take birth center tour
double check armadillo’s old baby clothes [do we have enough cold weather clothes?]
buy diapers
buy bottles
buy another wipes warmer
buy boppy pillow
make haircut appointment
think of some names
I know there’s more stuff that I just can’t remember …

What am I missing?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Slow Down That Sleigh Santa

Only 13 more days until Christmas. I can’t believe it’s coming upon us. I feel as if I’m been sleeping the last 30 days. Of course I’m not done with my Christmas shopping yet, no matter how early I wanted to start. I wanted to start last month when I saw stores putting up their Christmas decorations. I started asking for wish lists and making mine. But look at me now. Two weeks left till Christmas and I still have a few gifts left. It doesn’t’ help that the armadillo and I are still sick. With the weather being so cool we can’t go walking outside at the outdoor mall. That’s where I need to go for my remaining gift list. I was debating on whether or not to order it online but I thought it would be more personal to send it myself. What a fabulous idea [in a sarcastic tone]. I’m hoping that I can mail it out and it will be received in time.

At least the majority of our Christmas cards are being mailed out. I love the holiday card we have this year. We used the picture of our armadillo in his ninja warrior outfit and put it on a holiday photo card. Precious! I can’t wait for people to see it.

Update on our health … last night the armadillo had a fever of 101 degrees. We gave him some Tylenol and this morning his fever subsided. He still has a runny nose and he’s moved onto the coughing stage. I dislike that stage for him. Poor baby wakes himself up when he coughs. I’m still congested, my throat hurts, and I’m still feeling tired. I’m hoping that we can shake it soon. I’d hate to miss the armadillo’s Gymboree classes and play dates. He loves seeing his buddies and it gives mommy a break from having to entertain him during the day. … I’ll take that!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Leaky Nose Times 2

We’re sick … the armadillo and I appeared to have caught a cold. Blech. What a bummer. B-Dad is okay for now so hopefully he won’t get sick. The armadillo so far aside from having this cold is doing okay. He still has an appetite which is good. He had a slight fever last night but his temperature is normal today. Poor armadillo has a runny nose, sneezing and a slight cough. But he sure has the energy to play with his toys. I’m getting a little congested but it’s my throat that bothers me more than anything. I’m also fatigued and in desperate need of a nap. But I hate napping during the day. I always have a hard time waking up and end up more tired than I started with.

One way that B-Dad and I can tell that the armadillo is sick is Hunter is covered in snot. Hunter is the armadillo’s lovey and the poor creature is the armadillo’s cushy tissue. I’ve washed two Hunters so far and changed his sheet once. I don’t mind washing the Hunters and the sheets. I’m hoping that he’ll get all that runny snot out of his body and get better soon. We’re supposed to have a play date tomorrow morning but it’s looking like that’s going to be out of the question. Oh bummer …

Friday, December 09, 2005

Wicked Witch of the East Bay

What a fabulous way to start the weekend. I’m speaking in a sardonic tone if you haven’t noticed. The armadillo and I were packing up to leave from our Music class at Gymboree. Heading out to the car, I’m putting the diaper bag, the armadillo, my soda, etc … in the car. I strap the armadillo in his car seat, give him his snack trap and his sippy cup. I clean off the stroller because there is cheerios on the seat. I head to the rear of the car to load the stroller inside and this uncouth woman drives by grumbling that I took my sweet time getting everything in the car. I was fuming. The nerve of that boorish woman.

Witch: “Well you sure took your sweet time …”

Me: “What?”

Witch: “You heard me. Blah blah blah … common courtesty … blah blah” … as she pulled into a spot two spots ahead of me.

Me: Taking a deep breath, “I have a baby and I’m pregnant how fast am I supposed to move for you?”

Witch: “It’s common courtesy blah blah blah … “

Me: Taking another deep breath … “You’re right [muttering an obscenity under my breath] … I should have hurried for you. Happy Holidays to you and your family … God Bless you”.

Witch: Stares at me then walks away … keeps walking away looking back.

Me: Wishing she would get run over by a hurried shopper. Waving … then I told her she was number one … um, of course she wasn’t looking by then.

If ever I needed a house to drop down on a wicked witch … that would have been the perfect time.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle. Wow what a place for little ones to exert their pent up energies. The armadillo and I met up with our Moms Meetup Group at an indoor playcenter called appropriately The Jungle. The Jungle is an indoor play center for children 12 and under. They have a colossal play structure for older children, dining café, games, party rooms, and a great play area for toddlers. We all met at the toddler area. In the Toddler Village there are various coin-operated rides, smaller play structures, and even an arrangement filled with plastic balls. The armadillo enjoyed going in and out of the plastic ball configuration. He took great care to pass the balls around to the other mommies, making sure we all got a plastic ball, though some got more than others. For awhile there he was preoccupied with the coin-operated rides, especially the Army Hummer ride. I didn’t have any tokens with me but he had fun sitting in the ride turning the steering wheel and pushing the buttons. Another preoccupation of his was the large play structure and the door that was at the bottom. The armadillo was swollen with pride when he was able to open and close the door by himself. It’s funny to think that something like a door could hold his attention for the time span it did.

It was great to see the other mommies again and to meet new ones. The Jungle’s Toddler Village was a pleasant alternative to the park. It was small enough so that our little ones didn’t wander too far. It also allowed the mommies to converse about our daily lives, etc …

You think that with spending 1 ½ hours there, running and climbing, the armadillo would be exhausted, especially since he didn’t take his usual morning nap. Well here I am waiting for him to take his afternoon nap. He’s been in his crib for over an hour, fussy and antsy. I changed his diaper since he went #2, but he has yet to fall asleep. Sigh. I’m watching the monitor and the armadillo is standing, holding Hunter [his best buddy] and whining. It’s a quarter to 4pm and if he doesn’t go to nap soon, he’ll be without an afternoon nap as well. He did sleep for about 20 minutes from when we left Target to go to pick up sandwiches and then back home, but that was it.

I thought it was a guarantee that if you exhausted your little one in the morning that he would take a long afternoon nap and there would be “mommy time”. So not fair …

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Panda Baby

With the frequency I eat at this place, he’ll probably want to make his entrance at our local Panda Express … Yikes! Bite your tongue! See full story.


The amount of times this baby kicks me I truly believe that my uterus is black and blue. He is way more active than the armadillo was from what I remember. I’m supposed to be doing the kick count every day but that’s something I don’t have to do with the little one I’m carrying. It's like I have the next great soccer player in my tummy. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m thrilled that he’s doing fine and is so active. I think it’s amusing at times when he hears his big brother’s voice and he responds by moving around. As if he’s itching to come out and give his big brother a hug. I can't wait for that to happen!

Last night the armadillo had a rough night. He woke up around 11:30pm and didn’t want to go back to sleep. The armadillo appeared to have a nightmare or something similar. He’s not sick and didn’t have a soaked diaper. Thankfully we bought that aero bed. B-Dad inflated the mattress to put in the armadillo’s room. B-Dad and the armadillo slept on that last night. Hopefully the armadillo will go back to his usual sleeping schedule tonight. So far his naps having been going well today, whew!

I took the armadillo to the library today. I had to pay a fine for some late books returned earlier. There was another boy there around the same age. The armadillo and the boy were “talking” to each other in their babble dialect. It was adorable. They were both very serious during the conversation. I was so curious as to what they were saying. The boy’s mommy was also talking to the boy in Korean. I was thinking about whether or not I should teach the armadillo some Japanese words. That’s the only other language I know. It would be beneficial for him later on, but I'm not sure about now. Of course we watch “Dora the Explorer” and “Go Diego Go”, and have learned some Spanish words, like “estrella”, “rapido”, “salta”, etc … We’re also already teaching the armadillo sign language and he knows a number of signs already. I guess that could count as another language too. I just wonder if I’ll be confusing him by speaking in more than one language, especially when he’s trying to learn English. Ah I guess we’ll see. How cool would that be to have a quad-lingual child by the time he's 3?!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Big Armadillo Ate the Baby Armadillo

Sleeper PJ’s are so adorable, especially on my armadillo. I love watching him sleep, looking all cozy and warm in his pj’s. The pj’s cover him all the way down to his toes. You know the pj’s right? The ones with the little bootie feet and the rubber non-skid soles. Watching him from the video monitor just makes me want to curl up next to him, hug him, and fall asleep right there. It takes a bit of restraint to keep from crawling in that crib. Especially since I know I’ll break that thing as soon as I put one foot in it. But I can’t help yearning to snuggle right next to him and kiss those chubby cheeks.

Speaking of sleeper jp’s, they are one of the few things left that make him still my baby. Slowly but surely his “baby” characteristics are disappearing. He no longer uses the bottle. He walks now instead of lying on his back, immobile. He says “no” and “yes” rather than cooing ‘goo goo ga ga’. He’s climbing on everything he can get his hands on rather than ignoring them. Where did my baby armadillo go? B-Dad jokes that the bigger armadillo ate the baby armadillo. Amusing but a gloomy fact of life as your child grows. On one hand I can’t wait for the armadillo to be able to communicate using words, but on the other hand I am dreading the moments where all he says is “I want this … “, “No no no!”, “Mama you smell funny.”, etc … I’m sure he’ll come up with more humorous adages as he gets older.

But getting older is not all bad. B-Dad and I get more kisses from the armadillo as he gets older and it’s not the kind of kisses that we used to steal from him. He offers his lips to us and puckers. I’ll take that any day!

Monday, December 05, 2005

I Love You Stinky Face

The armadillo has lately been on a reading kick. Which is a terrific thing in my opinion. Whether it’s in his room or in the play area, he loves bring B-Dad or I a book for us to read to him. It’s encouraging to see him so interested in hearing us read a story to him. Though most times he doesn’t last through the whole story but who cares.

The armadillo has certain books that are his favorites.

Here is the armadillo’s Top 5 Booklist:

#5 ~ "No Jumping on the Bed" by Tedd Arnold

#4 ~ "The Cheerios Animal Play Book" by Lee Wade

#3 ~ "The Little Red Hen" by Diane Muldrow

#2 ~ "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson

And the
#1 most requested book for us to read .... "I Love You Stinky Face" by Lisa Mccourt

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Men Among "Boys"

I am completely soured by the fact that my team lost AGAIN today. That’s two losses in two weeks. Granted they weren’t playing at home but come on. What a bogus game.

Now there’s no way that I’m going to be able to name our baby Troy. Especially with the way these guys are playing. B-Dad should be happy about that.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Watch Out I'm Hormonal

Okay now this really bothers me. Every time I think about it I get irate and want to do something. The armadillo and I went to the Music class at Gymboree today to see how it was. After the class I let the armadillo have some play time since he wasn’t able to climb on the play structures during the class. I was talking to another mom but had the armadillo in my line of sight. He was on this bouncy trampoline like contraption with handle bars. There was also this girl, about 2 ½ on the same trampoline. I saw that she had lifted her leg out as if she was going to kick the armadillo. Then she hit the armadillo on the face. I was livid. Of course her mother was not in the play area supervising her child, but out talking to one of the Gymboree employees. That of course meant no discipline for the girl. Fortunately the armadillo didn’t appear to be upset he just had a blank look on his face. I proceeded to pick the armadillo off the contraption and took him away. I couldn’t help but give that girl an annoyed look while walking away.

My first initial reaction was to push that girl off the trampoline. Okay okay I know that’s harsh, but that’s my armadillo she hit. He’s too young to defend himself, but I wished that he would have hit her back. Okay, I know wrong again, but hey, that’s my first reaction. Of course I wouldn’t have acted on it and I would have scolded the armadillo if he hit her back, but hell she deserved it. Yes I know, wrong again. Now every time I get that mental picture in my mind of her hitting my armadillo in the face I just wished I yelled at her or even better her mommy. I’m so disturbed by it that my stress goes up one notch when I think about it. Aargh …

Not surprisingly the mother of this girl is a bit whacked herself. During music class the teacher put a huge basket of musical instruments for the kids to pick up and experiment with. The armadillo was directly across from me but on the other side of the basket, so that he was facing me rather than his back. All the other mommies were basically like me, sitting a little distance away from the basket. But this mommy, the mommy of the girl I wanted to yell at, sat directly in between me and the armadillo. Now I couldn’t see him and what he was doing. A few minutes later he was trying to come over to me to share some of the instruments he was holding. But he couldn’t get through because of that woman. So I moved forward and told the woman, …

“Excuse me.” I tried to hold the armadillo’s arm to guide him towards me.

“Oh he’s not in my way, he’s not bothering me”, the woman proceeded to tell me.

Um hello?! Giving her a look of disbelief, “My son is trying to walk towards me but you’re in the way” I informed her.

Then the idiot woman ensued with sitting in the way. She didn’t move. I had to pick him up over her legs. What a dunce.

Boy, I can’t wait till next week. They better stay out of my way. I’m hapai and I’m a mother protective of my son … that makes a dangerous combination of hormones.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Indoor Playground

The armadillo and I met our mom’s playgroup today at the mall. Unfortunately it is pouring rain today so the park was definitely out as a meeting place. That was regrettable as it was somewhat difficult to keep the little ones corralled in one area. The toddlers were too busy looking at the stores and the decorations to be interested in each other. We moms also didn’t get a chance to chat since we were busy chasing our children around. I don’t know who got more exercise today … me or the armadillo.

So next time we have to have an indoor meetup we need to think of alternative places rather than the mall. It’s a difficult search as there are not many places that are safe for toddlers and that it doesn’t cost a fortune to get in. B-Dad and I were just talking about the lack of indoor facilities for children. It would be great if there were a place that essentially brought a park indoors. Since the weather will only get colder as winter approaches, our dates at an outdoor park are limited.

Gymboree Play ‘n Music is a great place with the exception is that they don’t have too many open gym dates/times. I think the majority of the days/times are in the evening which isn’t too convenient for everyone. Plus I worry about the older kids in such close proximity to our little ones. I don’t want the armadillo getting run over by a rambunctious 4 year old.

Of course another reason not to have the playgroup meet at the mall is the fact that it is the mall. I resisted the urge to buy stuff if you can believe it. But hey tomorrow's another day.

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