Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Thank goodness it’s family or should I say, thank goodness for family. The armadillo’s been having a blast with the grandparents. He loves playing with them and I’m sure they enjoy watching him saunter all over the place. I know the armadillo’s grandpa gets worn out every day chasing after him. It’s also been marvelous getting a break every now and then, especially since B-Dad’s been working late … AGAIN.

Sigh, I am so irate with his work schedule. Of course I understand he needs to do what he needs to do, but I have my tolerances like everyone else. Every time he tells me he’ll be late again, I feel like gnashing my teeth then screaming. I can bitch about this till I’m blue in the face so I’m going to stop.

Consequently it’s a good thing the grandparent units are here since they are able to give me much needed breaks. But it’s also terrible because B-Dad doesn’t get to spend any time with them while they’re here. Ah the saying holds true … life is unfair.

San Diego

You don’t know how delightful it was to take that quick vacation to San Diego. With B-Dad working all hours of the day, I felt spoiled having him spend time with me and the armadillo. Of course there were the required conference calls during the first couple of days, but at least there was some reprieve. He was released from his handcuffs to the phone for the last two days. The armadillo’s grandparents also came with us down to San Diego, which was fantastic.

On our first day in San Diego we drove to Harrah’s Rincon Casino. It was about an hour drive from San Diego into the mountains. Geesh, talk about putting a casino in the middle of nowhere. Our gambling bug was itching so B-Dad and I were ecstatic to be there. We couldn’t wait to hit the tables! After eating dinner, the grandparents were kind enough to watch the armadillo so we could spread our money around. There was only one Let It Ride table and all the seats were full. So B-Dad and I split up, he went to play slots and I played Roulette. I was hooked! After a couple of hours, we went to put the armadillo down for the night. B-Dad was thoughtful enough to let me go back down to the casino after getting the armadillo ready for bed. I had great luck winning our losses back. I went back up to the room around 12:30am. I was so euphoric winning money that I couldn’t go to sleep right away.

The next day we gambled for a couple more hours before checking out. Unfortunately they didn’t have a roulette table open. Sigh, no roulette was such a huge disappointment. We left Harrah’s to drive to the Sheraton to drop our luggage off. On the way to the Sheraton we stopped at Target. That just proves I’m an addict … I can’t stay away! Later that night we went to the Gaslamp Quarter District to have dinner. Honestly that was a huge disappointment. It was so crowded and it wasn’t what I remembered it to be. That was a waste. We ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Horton Plaza. Frnakly I thought there would be better stores and restaurants, but it felt so tourist-ly.

A big day was in store for us on Saturday. We headed to the San Diego Zoo. I was so unprepared for the heat that day. I never thought that San Diego could get so hot. We were all sweating like crazy and didn’t feel like walking around much. Therefore we took the bus tour which they thankfully had. The bus tour was a cool alternative to walking the trails to see the animals. It was relaxing to sit on the bus and listening to the commentary. The tour covered about 75% of the zoo. We didn’t get to see the pandas but we didn’t mind because no one felt like walking around in that heat.

In the evening we went to Sea World, who was open at night during the summer. That was entertaining. I got to feed and touch the dolphins, which I’ve never done before! We saw the dolphin show and saw other marine animals. The weather was definitely cooler since we went at night. Towards the end of the night, B-Dad took the armadillo to an area specifically for kids. There was a huge circular enclosure that contained a spongy type floor for the toddlers to walk on. The armadillo looked so adorable walking around smiling and laughing. We got the armadillo’s frolicking on our DVD camcorder. Hopefully we’ll be able to compile it together on a DVD and I can send it out to family. The evening ended with a brilliant fireworks show. The armadillo, though exhausted, was entranced with the vibrant colors and sounds. It was lovely to see and the fireworks were impressive.

We checked out of the hotel the next day and headed to the airport. Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes. Not sure what the reason was but we made it out and home.

All in all San Diego was a pleasant get-away. A definitely much needed one at best. I am looking forward to our next holiday!

Monday, August 29, 2005

We're Back!

We're back and recovering. I'll update soon with pictures and stories. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Going On Vacation

The grandparents are arriving tonight. I'm so excited. I haven't seen them since January of this year. Damn how the time flies. They'll be staying here for about a couple of weeks. I know the armadillo will be surprised to see them. Hopefully he'll "remember" them and shower them with his smiles. The grandparents will be shocked to see him walking and walking pretty fast too. Grandpa has his work cut out for him. Ha ha! I can't wait for the mochiko chicken ... My mouth waters just thinking about it. So onolicious [delicious]!

We're heading out to San Diego for the next few days. I know B-Dad will definitely bring the laptop ... he can't live without it! I'll try to update when I can but not promising anything. :) Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

That Was a Cheap Move

Oh, B-Dad pulled a cheap move last night before giving the armadillo his bath. I was playing with the armadillo when B-Dad picked him up. The armadillo wasn’t too happy with that and protested that he wanted me to hold him. Well instead of giving the armadillo to me he put the armadillo down so he could walk around. What a cheap move! Everyone knows letting the armadillo walk around trumps everything else. It’s like putting the trump card down over my ace card. Aargh! It was funny though because the armadillo completely forgot that he wanted my attention no more than a split second later. Of course he did.

We went to the Farmers Market today as usual. I got my customary smoothie from this wonderful café across the street. I think I’ve bought this particular smoothie only three times and the woman that works there remembers this. I must have such a memorable face. I’m not trying to sound conceited but whenever the armadillo and I go someplace on a frequent basis, the people there remember me. Or should I say us. Hell it’s probably the armadillo they remember, not me. But with gorgeous looks like that, how could you not?

Monday, August 22, 2005

Mission to the Mall

Seeing that we're off to San Diego pretty soon, B-Dad asked to keep the armadillo out of Gymwalkers today. B-Dad was concerned that the armadillo would catch something and get sick during our trip. It’s a bummer but I understand his reasoning. No one wants a sick baby on vacation. As a result we took on a detour on our daily excursions straight to the mall. It wasn’t a wasted trip. We returned a pair of Stride Rite shoes, some Gymboree pj’s, and a few books that we bought for the armadillo earlier. Thank goodness I had those returns because I made a few purchases myself! I bought some lip gloss and a overnight bag from Bath & Body Works. I purchased another IPEX bra from Victoria’s Secret. I also bought some tees from some other place. Wowie! Good thing for the returns to offset my purchases.

Surprisingly the mall was a little busier than normal. There were a lot more teenagers there today. I’m wondering if it’s because school starts for them pretty soon and they have to get their socializing out of their system before then. Of course there were the mommies pushing strollers. We mommies are always there. I wish that mall had an area where we could take our children to hang out and play. Oh well.

Have to get packing soon. Of course I need to do a couple loads of laundry for myself. I already did the armadillo’s clothes so I’m set with him … I think.

Oh boy I’m tired. I wonder if the armadillo will let me take a quick nap. I think I’m going to chance it …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Swing Away

Lazy Sunday ... that's what the mood for today is ... lazy. Couldn't think of any imperative errands to run so we all just went to lunch and to the park. Ever since the armadillo lost his trepidation of grass, it's been much easier to go to the park. We sat out for a little while, then B-Dad and the armadillo walked around on the grass. It was such a delight to see the armadillo exploring the area, picking up leaves and grass. What fun!

After that B-Dad took the armadillo to the swing area. It didn't take him too long to figure out how to move back and forth in the swing. What a pro! B-Dad was joking how in no time the armadillo would be moving on to the big boy swings and like all little kids, figure out how to get as high as you can and then whee ... jump off. Ah, I don't think so! Flashes of bruises, cuts and broken bones filled my mind for a second. Ummmm .... Ok, how cruel is it to keep a little boy away from swings?

Also the armadillo and his family would like to wish his Grandpa a huge happy birthday today! We can't wait to see you and Grandma ... and that box of mochiko chicken!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Boy I Look Good

It's been awhile since the armadillo's last haircut and B-Dad mentioned that the armadillo was getting a mini mullet in the back. Thus we took him to get a haircut today. As expected, he wasn't too thrilled with having some strange woman buzzing around him with clippers, but about halfway through, he started to relax more and appeared to be content sitting on B-Dad's lap. Not surprisingly we gave him B-Dad's wallet to play with and he was satisfied pulling out credit cards and cash, then handing them over to mommy. The armadillo gave me the $20 bills and B-Dad got to keep the $1 bills. What a smart boy!

The armadillo looks so different with his new hairstyle. My little boy has a big boy haircut. He looks so adorable. The stylist put a bit of gel in his hair to give his style a sassy edge. Such a cutie pie!

After going to Target to pick up some safety gates, we all went to Claim Jumper for lunch. The food was pretty good as usual and the armadillo was satisfied with his chicken corn dogs. Towards the end of the meal, B-Dad decides to give the armadillo a half of his pickle. Yuck!! I despise pickles, they look gross and taste disgusting. Of course this coming from a woman that loves kim chee and spam. But hey! I have the right to detest pickles if I want. Unfortunately it turned out that the armadillo doesn't feel the same way. He ended up eating the entire portion of what B-Dad gave him. Bleech! The armadillo just kept biting and biting away at the pickle. Next thing we knew the pickle was gone! I hope this was just a one time thing. I should put a sign near the armadillo when he's eating, you know like the "Please do not feed the animals". But instead I'll have it read ... "Please do not feed pickles to the armadillo!"..

Friday, August 19, 2005

Fresh Mex it's Not

Let me just say that the food at Chevy's has gone downhill. We all met for lunch today and it was so disappointing. I had the Mixed Grill Fajitas which was a combination of all of the main fajitas ingredients, chicken, beef, shrimp, and ribs. There was only 3 slices of chicken, the ribs were unpleasant, the shrimp tasted like it was previously frozen, and the beef looked uncooked. The only edible things was the guacamole and beans, which the armadillo scoffed down. Even the tortillas were nasty ... it was flaky and dry. The whole meal was such a let down.

The mixed fajitas I had at On the Border down in Dublin were way tastier. The quality of the meat and the shrimp was so much superior, and the tortillas tasted very fresh. Oh well. I hope the armadillo enjoyed his lunch. He ate some of the chicken and the tortillas, but his favorites were the guacamole and the beans, oh definitely the beans. If you have a young one who loves beans too, have you noticed the quickly the cycle of beans go in and the beans come out is? Now that's crass!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Target Thursday

Another trip to Target for the armadillo and I today, you know, part of our weekly routine. I didn’t have any exciting purchases today other than my five boxes of Haribo Gummy Bears. Oh I love those gummy bears especially the clear, red, and green ones. I normally hand off the orange and yellow bears to B-Dad which he grudgingly accepts. I wish Haribo would package the gummy bears in individual flavors. It would be more efficient for someone like me, who’s oh so picky with these little bears. I also bought some yucky black licorice candy for B-Dad. The cashier at Target and I were laughing because she mentioned that only men like that stuff. I don’t know how he can eat that stuff. It’s purely revolting. But that’s how B-Dad feels about seaweed so it’s a trade off.

The armadillo wore his new Geox sandals today. They fit pretty well and he was able to walk in them comfortably. They look fabulous and so stylish. I love them.

We were finally able to pick up the car today from the body shop. FINALLY! It’s been over a month since the accident. That’s quite a bit of time it took to fix the car. Of course, after driving away from the body shop, B-Dad noticed a number of things that still needed to be fixed. Put that in your notebook. I drove us to get dinner tonight, to get used to the car. Wow what a difference when you haven’t driven your car in over a month. I think it will take a day or two to get used to. But I’m glad to have my car back and I’m sure B-Dad is happy to get his back too. Though I don’t think he expected his car to be showered with cheerios on the inside, bird poop on the outside and only 1/8 tank of gas left. Yikes!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Smell the Flowers

Every day I’m faced with the reality check that my armadillo is growing up. It’s not necessarily that he’s getting taller, heavier, or has a bigger shoe size. What makes me realize that fact is that the armadillo is communicating more and more with us. For example, the armadillo is able to perform more sign language. Just today in Walnut Creek, the armadillo gave me the sign for ‘water’. I was ecstatic to see him making the sign for me. Add this to his list of existing signs … milk, more, kitty, light, etc … Sign language does pay off if you as a parent remain patient and consistent.

Another example of his increasing efforts to communicate is his non-verbal body language. The armadillo will shake his head for ‘no’ when he doesn’t want what you are offering him. At times I swear he’s even said the word ‘no’. But I’m in no rush to hear that word as I’m sure he’ll have that word down pat in no time. If the armadillo wants something he’ll point and use both hands, opening and closing, as if to say “give me that”. If his intensity increases I know his desire to have that object intensified as well. Oh boy do I know when that intensity goes up through the roof.

Today the armadillo and I went to Walnut Creek to return a pair of shoes for the armadillo. We bought a few in return from Nordstroms. We bought a two pairs of sneakers and a pair of sandals. The armadillo’s feet is stinky from his Stride Rite sandals and B-Dad suggested alternating his footwear to alleviate the unpleasant odors. I bought a pair of sporty Geox sandals. Hopefully the armadillo can use them as it’s a stylish pair. I also picked up a pair of Nike sneakers and Stride Rite sneakers. They’re both so sporty and adorable! I can’t wait to try it on him. Hopefully they’ll fit well so he can use it on our trip to San Diego.

I also bought a pair of sandals from Aerosoles for myself. I couldn’t decide on pink or white, so I bought pink. They feel very comfortable. I hope to take them to San Diego.

This afternoon we're going to take a look at a kennel facility for Aiko. We're debating on whether or not she should stay home and we'll hire the pet sitter, or have her stay in a kennel. I'm leaning more towards the kennel and so is B-Dad. Since Lucy is no longer with us, I just know that Aiko will be so lonely by herself. We'll have to have her stay in the garage when we're away, and she'll be so isolated. We were thinking that with her staying in a kennel, hopefully there will be other canine friends to keep her company. But of course "mama" has to inspect the kennel facilities to make sure they are up to par. I can't just leave baby Aiko anywhere, she's a very sensitive girl, all 96 pounds of her!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm Cured

The armadillo appears no longer to have his grass-phobia. We went to our weekly Farmers Market in Concord today. We bought some raspberries and strawberries. Yum, how sweet they are! After browsing the vibrant fruits and vegetables on display, we sat out on our blanket in the fabulous weather. The weather wasn't scorching as it has been for the past month, but cool and sunny, with a bit of wind. I took off the armadillo's sandals so that he could walk on the blanket with ease, but also as a teaser for him to walk on the grass. With no experience of walking on grass, the armadillo had developed a form of grass-phobia. I was hoping more trips to the park would remove that fear and apprehension. Sure enough his curiosity got the best of him. At first he would take a little steps and then hurry back on to the blanket. I'm guessing the grass tickled his little feet and he wasn't sure what to make out of it. But his courage started to build and he would take more and more steps, stepping further and further away from the blanket. The armadillo would be so pleased with himself for walking on the grass barefoot and actually enjoying it. I had to corral the armadillo back onto the blanket to put his sandals back on because his feet was starting to get dirty from walking on the grass so much. He loved exploring and observing the different objects you would find on the grass. He especially enjoyed picking up the dead crunchy leaves on the grass. In a sweet gesture, he handed me a couple of leaves as if they were his gift to me. As I took the leave he had a giant smile on his face that told me he was so full of pride. That was priceless. These are the moments I treasure and hope my aging mind can carry for the rest of my years.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Last Gymwalkers Class

Today might have been our last Gymwalkers class. We're not quitting Gymboree, Gymboree is changing their programs. No longer will we see Gymbabies, Gymcrawlers, Gymwalkers, etc ... Gymboree's new programs involve "levels" according to your child's age, as well as offering Baby Signs, Music, Art, and even Yoga.

The armadillo's new class will be called Level 3, 10-16 months: The Communicator. To quote Gymboree's overview of the class ... "Children this age are adept communicators. They show what they want or need through actions, such as pointing at a toy or leading you by the hand to open a door for them. When they crawl or walk to a caregiver, or tap an adult's leg, they are using gestures to communicate a full sentence, such as "Mommy, I want you to read this to me." And when they roll a ball back and forth with an adult, they are learning about two-way communication and taking turns." I'm not sure if this class will still involve parachute time, but I'm sure the armadillo won't mind if this is cut from the program. The aramdillo hates parachute time with a passion, oh yes, with a passion.

Today's class was a good one as usual. The armadillo is becoming so adept in climbing. He's climbing on ramps, slides, stairs, etc ... I have to watch him like a hawk. Otherwise he'd be getting into trouble, you know the kind, the kind that hurts. Ouch!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Magic Mushroom

Is this normal? I feel like my armadillo is a magic mushroom. He’s got me so addicted that I can’t be near him without planting kisses all over his face. It’s like a drug and I’m obsessed. … Hello my name is mommy and I’m an armadillo-holic.

I can’t help but feel so ecstatic when I’m in close proximity to the armadillo. There’s no way that I can be nearby without sending a smooch his way. His face is so soft and mushy, and he smells so sweet. On top of that, look at those eyes and that nose. How can one resist?!

My cravings for the mushroom/armadillo are especially strong at night when he’s sleeping. I can watch him on the video monitor at night while he’s sleeping in his crib. He looks so serene and stress-free. The armadillo drifts off to slumber with his buddy Hunter, and they snooze together as they enter dreamland. They look tranquil and snug as bugs. I wish I could sleep right next to him. I miss the days when he used to sleep between B-Dad and me. I also miss the days when he would fall asleep on my chest. Those memories are precious and seem so far gone.

At this point I can’t even imagine when the armadillo gets older and goes away to college. What’s going to happen to me and my addiction? I might have to check myself into rehab … is there such a thing? ;)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Not in the Mood

Today was the first day in about six weeks that B-Dad didn't have to work [but I'm going to bite my tongue on that one ... will explain later]. It was fantastic to have him home to help me take care of the armadillo. We all went down to Pleasanton to pick up some stuff at Babies ‘R Us. Then we met Gigi and D for lunch. All in all the day was going pretty well, except for one thing. Our armadillo was a feisty one and refused to enjoy himself. Ever since this morning when B-Dad tried to wipe his runny nose, he had been in a foul mood ever since. Nothing could keep the armadillo content. If it did, it only lasted for no longer than a minute. His periods of annoyance were mainly when he was in his car seat. After awhile my ears were turning on the mute function. Nothing and I mean nada could keep him happy. Neither B-Dad nor myself could figure out what was putting the armadillo in such a filthy disposition. Then I came up with my theory. My theory is that since B-Dad hasn’t been around much for a long period of time, the armadillo wasn’t used to this “change” in his routine. His routine consisted of just me and the armadillo spending time together all day. But with B-Dad in the picture I think it threw him off a bit. Also with B-Dad in the car driving, I think it was driving the armadillo mad that he couldn’t be near his pappy. The armadillo was used to it just being himself and his mommy in the car. I’ve never seen him this persnickety … ever. In the back of my mind I was wondering if he was also cutting new teeth, but being cantankerous all day would be a new thing for the armadillo since he’s never reacted to teething that way. [Knock on wood!]

Going back to B-Dad not having to work … well you can scratch that one off. He’s working as we speak. It totally sucks and I’ll leave it at that.

Image hosted by
Yesterday was H-Sister’s birthday. Hau’oli La Hanau and best wishes for many more!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Look Mom I'm Eating My Veggies Part II

Okay, you see the picture above? The quality may not be all that great, but the armadillo is being a fantastic big boy and eating his green beans. Well these days, take out the green bean and replace it with a french fry. Yes, my son is addicted to french fries. Lately whenever we're eating a meal, and french fries are included, the armadillo will forgo all other food for the greasy fries. What a diet! Ok, I admit if B-Dad and I stop eating fries that he won't either, but ... that's not the point! Oh damn, talk about a big-time hint ... on TV just now they played a Gerber commercial that started off ... "By the age of 15 months the most popular vegetable is the french fry.". Geesh, how embarrassing!

Eeeew ... this notebook I bought from the store with the Bullseye had a dead bug smashed inside. How absolutely disgusting! Good thing that notebook only costs me a $1. Yuck, and to think that I carried that notebook in my bag, it was on my bed, and even the armadillo held it a few times. Bleech!

I can't believe that we're going to San Diego in a couple of weeks. How time flies! I'm looking forward to taking the armadillo to the zoo and other fab sites to see. I'm also thrilled at going to the casino at Harrah's. There's a seat waiting for me at the Roulette table! Go #25!

Sadistic Monster

I heard about this story on the morning news today and it totally casts a shadow on my Aloha Friday. It just disturbs and saddens me. Some punk intentionally plowed over 10 helpless ducks who called a carwash in the Bay Area home. I've always believed that those who commit animal abuse should receive as their punishment the same actions as they caused on the helpless animals. Read the article at

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Target Thursday

Today is Thursday and that means it's a Target Thursday. The housecleaners come every Thursday so that means taking a 20 minute drive down to the Target in San Ramon so that the armadillo can take his morning nap, or make the most of what he can get. I had my list and boom! ... we were off ... the armadillo sitting in the red shopping cart and me pushing the cart up and down aisle after aisle.

We tackled our shopping list and added on a few more items of course. Bought a couple of bedrests for B-Dad and me. We're always on the laptops when we're sitting on the bed, and boy do our backs ache.

Also bought some a toy for the armadillo and a number of miscellaneous items for the home. Not a very exciting Target journey today.

So far the Target in San Ramon is the nicest Target I've been to. I wish all Targets were created equally. By that I mean that I wished the Target near me had a Starbucks and carried the same items as the one in San Ramon. Of course the Target in San Ramon has a much wider selection of items than the one I usually go to in Pleasant Hill. Ah such is life.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Where's Pappy?

B-Dad’s been working like a horse for some time now. They are working on a project that’s been full of “poker in the eye” situations. Last night was the first night that B-Dad wasn’t here to help tuck the armadillo in. It was already close to 9pm, and I had just given the armadillo a bath. Since B-Dad wasn’t home yet, I took the armadillo into his room, read him his nite-nite stories, kissed him good night, and put him in his crib along with his buddy Hunter. Poor B-Dad … he rushed home without picking up dinner, but the armadillo was already settling to go to sleep. B-Dad was awfully distressed.

The armadillo and I went to Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek today. We haven’t been there for awhile. I got my refreshing peach-kiwi Italian Soda. The color looks gross but it tastes scrumptious! I don’t know why other coffee places don’t carry those flavors … I always have to get strawberry or raspberry, same old same old. I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought a couple of new bras. Wowie, I won’t mention how much money I spent for 2 bras, but they’re so comfortable and better than what I have now. It’s their IPEX line … first-class collection. Shhh … don’t tell B-Dad.

It’s a miracle! The armadillo and I did not step into Gymboree or Janie and Jack. Believe it or not but I think that the armadillo is fully stocked with clothes from Gymboree. But that doesn’t mean I’m not always on the lookout for hip and trendy clothes for boys. I’m still in love with apparel from Appaman and Infantile. Appaman is coming out with their new Fall 2005 collection … so exciting! I’m still trying to decide what to order for the armadillo from the Baby Wit collection. Visit their website to see their wacky and sometimes controversial designs. I should do another post of Aramdillo’s wishlist … that should be an exuberant experience for me!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What a Lovely Day at the Park

The armadillo and I hit the farmers market in Concord today. We bought some white peaches and white nectarines. Oh so sweet! The weather was cooler than it had been for the past few weeks, which was such a welcome relief. We sat under a tree on our lovely stadium blanket and listened to the live music. Of course while we were listening to the music, the armadillo proceeded to remove everything out of the back pocket of my diaper bag. I don’t know what it is about taking things out and putting them back in that fascinates babies so much. The armadillo took such pride putting the items back in the pocket. He even gave himself some applause when he stashed the things back in the pocket. How adorable!

I took off the armadillo’s sandals so that he could walk easier on the blanket. The armadillo still despises grass and it was so amusing when he accidentally walked off the blanket onto the grass. He froze like a deer in headlights not knowing what to do for a couple of seconds. Then he turned around, gave a horror-struck look and walked back to me. It was comical to see his reaction. I wonder what it’s going to take for the armadillo to get used to grass. He’s going to have to walk on it sooner or later, preferably the sooner. I guess that means more trips to the park!

Today marks one week since my exquisite Lucy departed this world. I think of her every day. Sometimes B-Dad and I mistakenly call Aiko, Lucy. Habits are hard to break. In spite of everything, her sudden exodus from our family and the emptiness in the house, the days are easier to take in and my thoughts of Lucy are always happy, rarely heartbreaking.

To my baby Lucy ….

“In my dreams
I'll always see your soul
Above the sky
In my heart
There always be a place
For you for all my life
I'll keep a part
Of you with me
And everywhere I am
There you'll be”

~ Taken from Faith Hill’s song “There You’ll Be’

Monday, August 08, 2005

Mommy My Feet Stink

The armadillo has been wearing his new sandals from Stride Rite for a couple of weeks and boy does his feet reek. When I remove the sandals the odor permeates through the air. Kusai! I thought it was B-Dad's feet but he wasn't even home! Ha ha! Maybe it's the leather insoles combined with the sweltering temperatures lately that's making his feet give off an unpleasant odor. I think it's comical that my sweet smelling baby has putrid feet. Oooohh oui!

Aside from his footsies smelling, my poor armadillo fell yesterday and hit his head. Now he has an ugly bruise on his left cheekbone. Poor baby! I saw him going down and there was nothing I could do. He must have tripped on his sandals and hit his head on the armoire downstairs. Owie! It's times like that that I wished I had hit my head, not his. I told the armadillo to promise mommy that that would be the last time he would get a bruise or hurt himself. B-Dad said "yeah right". Oh well, it's wishful thinking.

Today we had a wonderful Gymwalkers class. Believe it or not, the armadillo gave hugs to two other mommies in class. Now that's an earth-shattering event. You see, the armadillo has yet to really bond with another adult, other than me and B-Dad. He won't even go to his Gigi [B-Dad's mom]. The armadillo cries or moves away when she approaches him. It's challenging for him to connect with B-Dad's and my family when he rarely sees them. My family live 2500 miles away and well, we see B-Dad's family maybe at most, once a month. The armadillo is usually very bashful around strangers, but will warm up gradually with frequent visits. But until then, no date night for mommy and B-Dad anytime soon!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Look Mom I'm Eating My Veggies

The armadillo's favorite vegetable at the moment are green beans. He loves holding the whole green bean and chewing on it. I can't figure out if he's likes the green beans because he's playing with it or it tastes good. But I'm not complaining ... as long as he eats his veggies who cares.

The armadillo and I went to Borders today. He loves walking around the children's area and picking up books, then throwing them all over the place. Them mommy can pick them up and put the books back where they came from. Fun for everyone!

It is so HOT today! It's currently 91 degrees outside. We met B-Dad for lunch at Pasta Pomodoro. Now that the armadillo is eating table foods we've been ordering his meal from the kids menu. B-Dad and I are surprised at what a good deal these meals are. Pasta Pomodoro offers kids meals at lunch for only $3.95. That includes the meal, a drink, and a chocolate sundae. The portion was very generous too. Almost as big as our meals were. I was thinking that maybe we should start ordering kids meals for ourselves, that is when we place orders to go. That way the restaurant staff won't get suspicious. Oooh, the money we can save!

We're still waiting for the SUV to finish getting repaired. The latest news is that it should be ready this coming Wednesday. I didn't know this but our insurance policy covers getting a new car seat for the armadillo. I never realized that if you are in an accident and your child is in the car seat, that the car seat should be replaced. That's so reassuring knowing that we can purchase a brand new car seat for the armadillo. If B-Dad can get off early enough today, I think we're going to pick one up. The armadillo had the Britax Marathon, so we'll get the same brand. I am fond of the Britax Marathon models, they are big and plush, so comfy for the armadillo.

Oh, what's that? I hear my Harry Potter book calling me, AND NO I haven't finished it yet. No spoilers please!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Armadillo Said a New Word ...

His new word is .... "shit". Yes believe it, the armadillo can now add the word "shit" to his expanding vocabulary. How can a foul word come out of such a sweet face? [see above pic!] It's amusing because he says it when he's talking to himself. At one point he was playing with his books and he started saying .... "shit, sheet, sheet, shit". He varies with the pronuncation at times, but it sure sounds the same. B-Dad and I are trying not to say that word so we're saying "shoot". But we'll see if that helps or not. With any luck if we stop saying the word, then the armadillo will forget about it. I'd hate to go to Gymwalkers and the armadillo starts to spew out "shit shit" and the other babies pick it up. Geesh, I can just imagine how displeased the other mommies will be. I wonder if that would result in banishment from Gymboree, ... I'm just kidding I highly doubt they could or would do that.

Of course I blame B-Dad and his potty mouth for this new addition to his spoken vocabulary! Ha ha!

Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm Not the Only One

Well it looks like I'm not the only one saddened by Lucy's departure. Aiko, Lucy's little "sister" has been moping around the house the past couple of days. She's not as excited and energetic as she used to be. It looks as if she's lost without her big sister around to play with. Aiko is almost 4 years old and it's been Aiko and Lucy all her life. There have only been a handful of days where the two of them were separated. Having Lucy in her life is all she knows. We're hoping she'll recover and her mourning will slowly subside. So that she'll be the same old hyper big dog we know she is.

B-Dad and I currently have no plans to bring another dog into the house. It would be too much for me to take care of the armadillo and house train a new dog. Plus I prefer to take this time to remember Lucy and the fabulous times we had, and not rush out to replace her.

But maybe eventually down the line, we'll look into adopting another playmate for Aiko. Aiko may be a big dog and look menacing, but she's a 100% softie at heart and needs a buddy. Don't we all?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In Memory of My Beloved Baby Lucy 1993 - 2005

Yesterday was and will be one of the most painful days of my life. My best friend and my first baby, Lucy, has passed on. She was 12 years old and suffered from hermangiosarcoma, a cancer of the blood. Lucy was first diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma in April 2005. There were tumors on her spleen and she was bleeding internally which made her extremely lethargic. This hit us suddenly. There was no warning or prior symptoms. One moment she was running around with her sister Aiko, then next she couldn't get off her bed. We took her to the vet and then to the Emergency Clinic for a more complete diagnosis. They confirmed it was cancer and there was no cure. For Lucy, the next step was to have her spleen removed, which they did and she stayed in the hospital for a couple of days. The vet's best diagnosis was that this was an aggressive form of cancer and she had maybe two to three months to live. Not acceptable for me, it was so unfair. But there is no cure for hermangiosarcoma and we had to tolerate the diagnosis. We decided to make the most of her remaining time with us. Lucy had her ups and downs after her surgery, but they were minor and she bounced back after a couple of days.

Then starting about a week ago, her appetite started to wane. She started to refuse her dog food, dog treats, and even table food she would have normally gobbled up in a second. Day by day she would eat less and less. We could see the weight loss on her and her decreasing lack of energy. Then she started having problems breathing. At first it was after getting up and walking around a bit, but then it grew to be constant. Her breathing difficulties got worse the past couple of days and her appetite had whittled to nothing. I knew in my heart that it was the cancer taking over, but I didn't want to be right. I know what it's like to be unable to take in enough oxygen. Having allergy-induced asthma, it's awfully uncomfortable and frustrating. I knew she must be feeling the same way, so I called the vet to make an appointment.

On the day when we were going to take her to the vet she couldn't stand up and couldn't walk. It was so excruciating to see this. Even as I think about it, my heart aches and the tears flow. I was upset thinking that this was so wrong, so undeserving for my beautiful Lucy. She shouldn't have to suffer.

After reviewing Lucy's condition, the vet suggested that we have blood tests and x-rays done to confirm what was going on. She tried to prepare us for the worst. That the cancer had spread and that if that was the case, there was very little, if anything they could do. I knew that inside, but hoped for something more treatable, like pneumonia. We left leaving Lucy for her tests and walking out knowing that in a couple of hours, the bomb would drop.

The bomb dropped. B-Dad called me and confirmed what we thought. The cancer had spread to her lungs and kidneys. There was also fluid in her lungs, probably blood, which explained her breathing difficulties. The vet's best guess was that she had a couple of days. Her options to us was one, we could take her home with us and she could pass on there, or we could put her down. Having her come home with us would have been a selfish action on my part. She was obviously suffering and the vet explained that she would basically suffocate to death. That's no way for anyone, not my Lucy, to pass on. I knew that the most humane thing to do is to have her go to sleep peacefully. I couldn't bear to see her in that condition. As a result, a little before 5:30pm PST, my baby Lucy departed this world for the Rainbow Bridge. We were all with her, B-Dad, the armadillo and I when she passed away. Her passing was serene. Lucy fell asleep and then seconds later her heart stopped.

Lucy will be cremated and we will pick up her ashes to take home with us.

The doctor told us that we did the best we could for her and that letting her go was the best thing for her in the condition that she was in. In my heart I know that this was the right thing to do, but still my heart aches with grief. I don't know what was more agonizing, watching her die or leaving her in the room and walking out. I wanted to stay with her ... hold her ... till I don't know ... forever. But sigh, I also know that life goes on. I have my family to think about and my armadillo to take care of. There is also Aiko, Musubi and Sterling to look out for as well. I'm sorry that the armadillo didn't get to know Lucy like I did and that he is too young to remember all the times he gave her hugs, and when Lucy gave the armadillo kisses.

Thank you Lucy for being my best friend ... for your loyalty ... for allowing me to be a part of your treasured life ... for giving me the opportunity to take care of you the best that I could ... and for your unconditional love. You will be deeply missed, but greatly remembered.

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