Sunday, July 31, 2005

Top 10 Armadillo Cool Events for the Month of July

10. Growth in shoe size from 4 to 5 1/2!
9. Drink water from a glass ... not a regular occurrence but on occasion.
8. Moving up to the Gymwalkers class from Gymcrawlers.
7. Eating a wider variety of foods ... cheeseburgers, french fries, and chocolate shakes [B-Dad's idea]
6. Walking for greater distances.
5. Counting around 10 teeth now!
4. Bestowing more and more kisses for B-Dad and I.
3. Stand up on his own after falling.
2. Put his dirty pj's in his laundry basket.
1. Having a smile that will brighten your darkest moods!!

Size 4 to 5 1/2 in an Instant!

In thinking about getting the armadillo new shoes, it crossed my mind that his feet may have grown since I last bought him sandals. Of course we went to Stride Rite today and he got his feet fitted. One foot was a size 5 and the other was a 4 1/2! His feet had grown .... what a shocker! As a result he's now wearing size 5 1/2 shoes. The armadillo has some big feet. We bought a couple of shoes from Stride Rite. [See below] He looked so adorable with the brown sneakers and his chocolate brown sandals.

I left the sandals on his feet, and of course the armadillo wanted to walk around. Boy when they learn a new milestone, that's all they want to do. It's a challenge to watch him and to watch where we're going. Luckily we have avoided any collisions with the armadillo. He's also standing up on his own after taking a spill. He's getting to be so independent. Where did my little baby go? B-Dad always answers that the armadillo ate him. Boo hoo!

Another exciting development for the armadillo is .... putting his dirty pj's in his laundry basket. He just started doing that yesterday. How exhilarating it is with every new event that occurs!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Today I took the armadillo to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. The Lindsay Wildlife Museum is a rehabilitation and educational center that focuses on native California wildlife. The best feature of this museum is the display of live, non-releasable native California wildlife. It's a small intimate place, perfect for the armadillo. He had a fabulous time. We got to see an assortment of wildlife in easy to see glass exhibits. The museum had a mountain lion, bobcat, reptiles, birds, etc ... What I enjoyed the most was the open showcase of wild birds. Over the glass displays were the hawks, a vulture, falcons, owls, and a bald eagle. The birds were very well behaved sitting overlooking everyone. I've never been so close to an open proximity to these wild birds. I especially enjoyed the owls. There was this one owl, I can't remember the name, but it was as big as the armadillo. By no means, did I ever imagine owls were that large. The owls were so adorable and looked so proud sitting up above with their big round eyes.

The museum offers events during the day and we were able to catch their bald eagle presentation. Needless to say, the armadillo wanted to watch only the first 5 minutes then off he was exploring again. The armadillo made a new friend with a another bald eagle [see above pic]. Hugs were oozing out of the armadillo for his new buddy ... what a treasured moment.

The armadillo also had an amusing time playing with the huge puzzles. There were these giant puzzles on this huge center circle. The puzzles consisted an eagle, a coyote and fishes. The pic below is of the armadillo trying to figure out how to put the pieces together.

On the whole we both had a good time. It's just the right size for the armadillo to walk around in and not get exhausted. The displays were the ideal size for the armadillo to see the animals up close. The Lindsay Wildlife Museum is definitely one place we will visit again. Hopefully the next time we can bring B-Dad and he can give the armadillo a better view of the birds!

Friday, July 29, 2005


At our exciting trip to Target yesterday we were looking at some items with flowers on it. The armadillo was pointing to the flowers and I kept repeating "flower, flower". Like a bolt from the blue my armadillo said his version of "flower", of course it sounded more like "owber", but who cares?! He was positively reiterating what I was saying that even a woman in the same aisle remarked how he was trying to say "flower". My little aramdillo surprises me at every turn. Now B-Dad and I have to me a little more careful of what we say around him. No more South Park pretty soon. Otherwise we'll end up like a scene from the movie "Meet the Fockers" and the armadillo's early words will be "essss hoooooooo". Get it?

Thursday, July 28, 2005


This look is so deceiving. It is now 4:43pm PST and the armadillo has been in his crib since 2:30pm ... not sleeping! I think it's the Little Punk tee I bought for him from Infantile. He's wearing it today and I think the slogans adorning his tee is brainwashing him ... "No Nap", "Anti-Crib", "Bedtime Sucks", etc ... This tee could be cursed! It's too bad since this tee is so cool. All in all it's probably due to the fact that he was sleeping in the car for about 1/2 hour on the way home. The armadillo almost certainly believes that he's already had his nap and why am I being tormented by being stuck in this crib all afternoon. B-Dad will probably be home in an hour and it looks like the armadillo will not be getting any zzzz's till bedtime. Oh he'll be a feisty armadillo tonight.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

As I sit here gouging myself on kettle korn, oh and it's so yummy, I'm delirious with the thought of using this fabulous purse I bought today from Macy's. Don't worry B-Dad, it's not Coach, but Fossil. It was regular price $78.00, but I had a $25 gift card and a 11% discount card, so the bag ended up to be a little over $50.00. What a bargain! It's a gorgeous bag ... tried to find a picture but was unable to. I'll take one later.

I'm looking to find the armadillo some new walking shoes. Maybe new closed toe shoes as well as another pair of sandals. Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale. I should get the armadillo's feet measured. I like these pairs.

Stride Rite 'Baby Portland' sale $27.90

Geox 'Baby Fang' Slip On sale $29.90

Puma 'Bashy' $29.90

The armadillo will need a couple of good pairs for when we go to San Diego. The armadillo is fanatical about walking so he'll need something comfortable and durable. I hope the weather in San Diego will give us mild temperatures while we're there. Not scorching like it's been here.

Speaking of shoes, I'll need a pair as well. You know, something comfortable and stylish. Hmmm ... I think I need to go shoe shopping as well ... what fun!

**Check out's site for a review of the best blogs. Our Slave to Target Blog was mentioned as one of the best shopping blogs, as well as my friend's other blog, Thrifty Chick. How exciting!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Farmer's Market

Lately I've been in love with peaches, nectarines, and pluots. Especially the white version of the peach and nectarine, they are so sweet. Today the armadillo and I visited the Farmers Market in Concord. It was a good size market with lots of people. The great majority of the stands carried fruit, mostly my favorites, peaches, nectarines, and pluots. With that I had to walk around and carefully scrutinize what was being offered. The stands with samples drew my attention. What's the point of buying produce if you can't taste it? I found one great stand that had such sugary fruits. It was hard to tear myself away from not eating all of the samples. I bought white peaches, white nectarines, plums, and pluots. There were other stands selling flowers, berries, honey, soaps, oils, breads, and cooked food. I was tempted to try the lunch special being offered at one of the lunch stands. The special included chicken adobo, chicken in coconut milk, sauteed veggies, and rice. But I got fearful of buying food from an unknown vendor. The food looked good, but I didn't want to take the chance. There was also a stand selling mouth-watering kettle corn. I bought a medium sized bag, which was huge, for me to take a few bites from and then to pass it on to B-Dad at work. Ooooh it was so tasty! The kettle corn was hot, crunchy, and just the right amount of sweetness. Now that I think about it, I should have bought two bags.

I haven't been to Todo Santos Plaza, where the farmer's market was held in awhile. I forgot that they had grassy shady areas. Next time we go, I'll have to remember to bring a blanket so that the armadillo and I could sit and enjoy the weather. Live music was offered and chairs were setup for people to sit and listen. The weather was mild as long as you were in the shade. The surrounding areas appeared to have been remodeled, so the armadillo and I walked around to take a look at the new businesses. A couple of new restaurants are set to open up soon. There also was a Cold Stone, House of Bagels, Suwa Japanese restaurant, Korean BBQ [across the street], La Pinata [a block away], and there is a charming coffee cafe in the main plaza. Hopefully they'll start opening more shops and eateries to make the area someplace where one can relax and enjoy.

B-Dad has to go to a client site this afternoon at 5pm. That's a big bummer. The armadillo and I have to pick up dinner since B-Dad won't be home till late. Not sure what we should eat. After the armadillo gets up from his afternoon nap, we'll go to the library to return some DVD's that I borrowed. Hmmm ... what sounds good?

One Creature ...

Photo courtesy of Yahoo

I hope to never come face to face with. This is the reason why I don't go in the water. Fishermen haul a 1,100-pound tiger shark in Martha's Vineyard, MA. I know this is going to give me nightmares. I might never get in the tub again ...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Walk this Way

Today we tried our first Gymwalkers class ... finally! I thought the class went well, and it appeared that the armadillo thoroughly enjoyed himself. The class was a welcome breath of fresh air. There were new toys and new activities. The armadillo especially enjoyed the maracas, not sure how to spell it, but it's the musical instrument that you shake with your hands and it sounds like there are beans inside. The armadillo took pleasure in shaking those around and hitting everything in sight. There was still the parachute activity which the armadillo despises with a passion. Despite the parachute I know that the armadillo can't wait to go back to class next week. Shake shake shake ... shake shake shake ... shake your maracas!


"I'm With the Band"

Here's a great design by a company called Focoloco. I need to get the shirt above for the armadillo. It's so punk rock that it makes it terribly cool. Focoloco's website also offers other fab graphics for infants and kids. Check it out!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Squid is Okay by Me

Today was another blistering day. It's 9:30pm and it's still 81 degrees. The forecast is calling for a sizzling week with temperatures over the 90's. The armadillo and I were running for shade every chance we could get. We met B-Dad for lunch today. We all met up at Claim Jumper and had a great meal. Surprises of surprises, I ordered calamari for an appetizer and the armadillo ate it up. No recoil or spit up to be seen. He joyfully ate the pieces that B-Dad cut up for him. Next step is sushi!

Tomorrow is Gymwalkers and we're all set to go! The armadillo appears to have a clean bill of health and I do too. I'm sure it will be a great joy for the armadillo to see his buddies again. His walking is improving every day. The armadillo adores walking around and touching everything, screaming 'Da Da!! Da Da!'.

Yesterday the armadillo and I went to a Farmer's Market in Pleasant Hill. It's a small one, but there's a small stand that sells peaches, nectarines, and pluots. The fruit is great when it's slightly soft and it's taste so sweet. We were just there for about 10 minutes and we were sweating like crazy when we got back to the car. Atsui! I cut up one of the white peaches I bought today and B-Dad gave some to the armadillo. He devoured almost half of the peach. It's so thrilling to see the armadillo tasting and enjoying new foods. Bon appetite!

It's a Good Times Weekend

TV Land is having a "Good Times" weekend, showing this cult classic all weekend, all day. I loved watchinng this show way back when. I loved the humor and the challenges the Evans family faced living in the housing projects on the South Side of Chicago. After this weekend marathon TV Land will be showing Good Times weeknights. Now if they can only bring back The Jeffersons ... so un-PC, but oh so hilarious!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

My First Kiss ...

Ok, well it was my second "kiss", but "My First Kiss" sounded better as a title. It was a little sloppy, and who knows if he was really trying to give me a kiss, but I'll take it. He was so sweet with his delivery. The armadillo leans in gently and plots a wet one on my chin.. So delightful! Of course I can never get him to give me another one when I ask for it, neither can B-Dad. The armadillo is very particuluar with his kisses. They are sporadic but yet oh so divine.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Infantile Tees

I just bought the "Little Punk" tee from Infantile for my armadillo. It's an adorable rockin' tee printed with "buttons" emblazoned on. Bands such as "Anti-crib", "Bedtime Sucks", and "The Undisciplined" are given homage to with this tee. I have a weakness for toddler tees that are distinct from the norm. This can be seen by my obsession for Appaman's tees. I can't wait for it to arrive so I can take a pic of my rocker armadillo rebelling against the world. Hopefully this rebel phase will end by the time he's five! Hey, it's wishful thinking!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Racial Profiling for Dogs

Picture courtesy of Yahoo

Denver has decided in their infinite lack of wisdom to reinstate a ban on pit bulls. That means owning a pit bull, or even a dog that looks like a pit bull is illegal. Animal control officers will come to your house and take your dog away. Your then beloved pooch will be put to sleep all based on one criteria, he/she is a pit bull or looks like a pit bull.

I love dogs and I have no qualm against any breed of dogs. I fully unequivocally disagree with any city's choice of a specific breed ban. If the city is willing to squander money to have their police department and their animal control officers take the dogs away, hold the dogs for a few days, and euthanize them, they should instead assess the dog's behavior, environment, and owner instead. Another suggestion is to spay or neuter all pit bulls. The city can offer classes that are mandatory for all pit bull owners and their dogs. The city of Denver could institute something like a renewal program for pit bull behavior assessment, similar to renewing your driver's license. Every year, or couple of years, you would bring your companion in for behavior reassessment and go from there. Again if you're going to put forth money to kill the dogs, why not spend the money on a resolution that will not be interpreted as mass murder?

Next thing Denver will want to ban rottweilers ... I can say that we'll never move to Denver. Look at our rottie ... does she look vicious to you?

Stop racial profiling in dogs!

On the Road to Recovery ...

I think. Both of our fevers have gone down, but we're still congested and so fatigued. The armadillo is in the coughing phase, poor thing. It wakes him up every now and then. He's trying to take his afternoon nap, but wakes up every 10 minutes to cough. I didn't give him any medication today, but may have to if he can't fall asleep.

We went to Borders today to get out of the house. He was just as adorable as ever walking around. I posted a couple of pictures below. He loves climbing those little steps they have, but I have to watch him like a hawk, for fear he'll try to go down those steps by himself.

You can't see it but he's wearing his hip "Camaro" tee by Appaman. One of his many tributes to his pappy and pappy's love of nostalgic cars. Vrooom ... vrooom!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Now We're Sick

Thankfully the armadillo is getting better, but now B-Dad and I have the flu. We both have temperatures and feel awful. Hopefully this will pass quickly for us as it seemed to have passed for the armadillo. Signing off and going ne-ne.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Armadillo's Feeling Better

Thankfully it looks as if the Armadillo is on the road to recovery. His fever broke and he's not so congested anymore. He slept a lot today so I hope that it's his body trying to get better. It's a bummer that he got sick since he has his first Gymwalkers class tomorrow. Well, maybe we can go to one later this week if he's up to it. Crossing my fingers ... and his!

I got my Harry Potter book today. No spoilers please! I'll start reading it tomorrow. But I was thinking that I forgot a lot from the past 2 books that I was considering reading those first to get myself caught up. I hear Longbottom's character gets killed ... yikes ... no spoilers!

As Jon Stewart says on the Daily Show ... "Here's your moment of zen ..."

The Armadillo giving Lucy one of his patented Armadillo Affectionate Hugs!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Armadillo's Under the Weather

Poor little armadillo has caught the flu. He has a leaky nose, watery eyes and sneeing like crazy. This has been going for the past couple of days and today he had a temperature of 101.9 today. We gave him some Tylenol and his temp went down to around 99 degrees tonight. As if being in a car accident wasn't enough. We also gave him some night-time Triaminic and that helps him to also sleep. I'm hoping he'll have a restful sleep tonight.

Did you pick up your Harry Potter book yet? I meant to go to the midnight parties last night but forgot. Seriously I'm just joking. There's no way I'd stay up. I'm too old for that. I'm going to pick my copy up at Costco. It's usually cheaper and less hassle. I'm looking forward to reading the latest and greatest Potter tale, but I'm not sure how long it's going to take. Hopefully the armadillo will be good to his mommy and let me read now and then. We're planning on going to Costco tomorrow and I'll get one then. I'm looking forward to returning to Hogwarts ... aren't you?

Emma - Smart Phone for Mommes-to-be

As seen on Techie Diva ....

If they could manufacture this soon, it would be hit with pregnant women all over. How lovely it would be if you could look at your unborn baby any time you wanted, without having to go to the doctor's office and being billed tons of $$ by your insurance carrier. Someone please give this guy some money quick!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Top Ten Cool Things My Armadillo Can Do

10. Understand and carry out sign language signals. The armadillo can do the sign for milk, light, a modified water, a modified "I want", and a modified more.

9. Throw tantrums. [not our favorite]

8. Push his own stroller.

7. Sleep through the night. [knock on wood!]

6. Imitate using a phone. He's able to put the phone to his ear and "pretend" as if he's having a conversation with one of his "girlfriends".

5. Wave hello and bye bye ... to me at least!

4. Giggle, giggle, giggle!!

3. Be affectionate. The armadillo adores giving hugs to me, B-Dad, Lucy, Musubi, Sterling, and the occasional hug to Aiko. B-Dad has even claimed that the armadillo has kissed him, though I have yet to see that one!

2. Walk, walk, walk!!

And the number one cool thing my armadillo can do ....

1. Just be his fabulous and adorable self!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


This morning just wasn't our morning. The armadillo and I got into a car accident on the 680 South on ramp. Getting on the on ramp from Highway 4 East we had to stop short due to the car directly ahead of me stopping abruptly. My first thought was thank goodness I didn't hit that car in front of me. Not a second later I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the pickup truck behind me wasn't going to be as lucky. BOOM! The guy rear ended us and that set up the chain reaction. We were pushed into the guy in front who then hit the car in front of him. In total there were about 5 cars involved. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. The armadillo was scared but seemed to be okay. He was crying upon impact but managed to calm down after a few minutes. I called the armadillo's pediatrician who advised us to watch him over the next few days as it may take some time for any pains to show up. I'm already starting to feel stiff in the neck.

I was a bit shaken up right after the impact. My mind was racing and my hands were shaking. My first thought was to get out of the car and get my armadillo. But we were still on the freeway and there wasn't much room to pull off to the side. Others had gotten out of their car so I jumped out, wary of traffic and tended to my armadillo. It was somewhat nerve wracking to be out on the freeway with people rushing by. You always hear about people rubber-necking and causing another mishap. Which reminds me that some idiot did the exact same thing and almost caused another accident. All of us tried to get far off the road. CHP [California Highway Patrol] came not a few minutes later and we were able to move our cars further off the road mercifully. A number of CHP's appeared and began taking our pertinent information and statements.

The person who was driving the pickup truck that rear-ended my car heard that a planter box was on the road and that caused someone to stop abruptly. He was very nice to me and the armadillo and appeared to feel even more remorseful when he saw me getting the armadillo out of the car. What a nightmare to collide with a car driven by a mother and her baby. Just my luck that we get bashed by a pickup truck. If it was a smaller car maybe the damage would have been less. The CHP officer told me that it's going to be the fault of the driver behind me since he rear-ended me. Pity for that guy because I wonder if he'll be accountable for all the other cars too. That will be some hit on his insurance.

The picture above shows a portion of the damage to the back. The back door is smashed in, you can't open it. The right tail-light is hanging off and the other tail-light is cracked. The tow hitch on the bottom is also banged up. You can't tell from the picture below, but there's damage to the front bumper. It's smashed in, especially on the left side as I can't make right turns without the tire hitting the bumper. It was a good thing that we were in our SUV as I think that if were in a smaller car the damage would be greater and possibly the impact would have been stronger.

Our insurance agent, who happens to be B's Dad's Wife, took our info and an adjuster will be contacting us today or tomorrow morning. We're going to get a rental car which our insurance will cover part of the costs. I get to drive B-Dad's [new name for B :)] car for the time being. Poor B-Dad, he advised me "not to get use to it" ... ha ha.

Being in a car collision has made me a tad paranoid about being on the freeway but I figure it's best if I don't let that panic get ahold of me. The armadillo and I came back home in B-Dad's car and we drove on the freeway. Of course I left about 5 car lengths in front of me and always observed the car behind me.

Sigh ... and today's special is chili at Kilohana Grill ... no chili till next week ... what a shame.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Outback Jack

Ooo weee! The weather is so hot today. Thank goodness we have a/c in the house. It's 92 degrees outside right now. I could just imagine how hot it is in the car. I'm not looking forward to going out later on. B's working late tonight so the armadillo and I have to get dinner for us. I wish someone delivered Japanese food and a cold beer. That would be a dream.

We went to Gymcrawlers today. The armadillo is definitely ready for Gymwalkers. His favorite fountain was not working so we sauntered on down to another fountain. Not as nice, but still a fountain. He was walking around and of course having the time of his life. I fortunately brought a hat and sunscreen for him since the weather is scorching. Luckily he was distracted by his environment to care about the hat. The armadillo despises hats and I can only buy the ones with the velcro attachment to keep it on. It's a bummer that that's the only styles I can acquire. I don't want him to look like Outback Jack all the time. But who am I kidding? As long as the armadillo wears his hat, his head doesn't get burned, and mommy doesn't have to worry.

Next week will be his first Gymwalkers class. Another mommy in my group is moving over to the walkers class on Monday, so we'll be going to that one too. I hope the armadillo has fun, but I can't imagine why not. He loves walking and crawling around the play area. The armadillo also loves playing with his friends. One day mommy has to bring the camera, I keep telling myself after we arrive at class.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's Going to Storm

The armadillo is at an age where he is either too young or too old for toys that are out on the market. We went to Target today and I decided to browse the Toys section, much to the B's probable dislike. The armadillo is 13 1/2 months. There are toys that go from 0 up to 10 years old. But obviously not every toy has that age span. You look at the recommended age for some toys and the ones that would "fit" the armadillo's age are too baby-ish for him. Maybe I'm being too picky but I feel that the armadillo should move past the Peek-a-Blocks, the Whirlin' Turtle, Incrediblock, etc .... I feel that they are not simulating enough for him now. Sure they make noise, but is that enough stimulation? Oh but maybe it's because I'm drained out by singing ABC's or hearing that "The Light is On, The Light is yellow, The Light is Blue, ..." or take notice of the "Now the #1 song on the rainbow network ...". Perhaps I'm unconsciously thinking no more noise toys, no more noise toys!

Or maybe it's that I'm feeling a little bittersweet about my armadillo getting older. It's distressing to think that my armadillo is no longer a baby, but a toddler. He's soon outgrowing the necessity to go to Babies 'R Us as he's pretty much outgrown a lot of the toys and equipment offered there. But then we run into a snag. What else is there to buy?

Why is it that when your child moves from the infant to toddler stage, the items available goes down? But when he moves from toddler to kid stage, the items increase tenfold? You've got the video games, sports toys, building sets, etc ... It's as if manufacturers deem that when your child is between the ages of 1-3 that they are content to sitting at home twiddling their thumbs? I'm sorry to say but that is definitely not my armadillo. We've taken now to entertain him with phones, remotes, and other electronic devices as he worships gadgets that is not considered for a 1 year old. You see what I mean?

But alas, we left there with no toys to take to the cashier. Can you believe it? We walked out of Target with no purchases. I think it's going to storm.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Oh No You Didn't

Walking around Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek is almost a weekly trek for the armadillo and I. We browse the retail stores lined up on a 4 block radius. There's the usual, Gymoree, Janie & Jack, Nordstroms', Pottery Barn, PBK, Macy's, and many stores itching to get your money.

Today the armadillo and I stopped in to browse at GapKids, as well as to cool off. The weather is getting hot, and the armadillo worked up a sweat walking around the fountain outside. I found an adorable swim trunks and a great hat for the armadillo. Finding nothing else that sparked my interest we stood in line. Before us was a toddler of about 3, wearing a red hat, shirt, and pants, who was standing in line with his mother. My precious armadillo was holding the his new hat and proceeded to play "peekaboo" with it. He even tried to entice the little boy in front to get into the game. Well, can I just say that I've never seen anything so rude done to my armadillo. The little terror in red proceeded to swat his hands around in the direction of my armadillo. I was shocked when he first did it and got extremely livid when he did it again. My armadillo just stared at the terror in red and was probably as shocked as I was that someone would do that to him. I stepped in between the terror in red and my armadillo and waited for his mother to say something. She turned around, viewed what was going on, and continued to pay the cashier. Silence was her response. The terror in red lifted his hand as to bring down his karate chop on me, and I exclaimed, "Oh no you don't. If your mother bothered to pay attention to what you are doing, maybe you wouldn't be such a brat.". Of course, the terror in red had no idea what I said, and it looked as if his mother couldn't care less either.

The cashier rolled her eyes at the mother, and later informed me that the mother and her terror in red come in every so often and are bad-mannered at every turn. I didn't feel all that guilty at snapping at the terror in red after hearing the cashier's remarks.

After walking out of the store I started thinking. I don't want the armadillo to grow to be like the terror in red. I don't want parents to sneer at my armadillo and pull their children away from playing with him. I can only hope that the armadillo brings happiness to others as he does for me. {This thought came to me as I was walking past the terror in red screaming and pulling away from his mother outside.}

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Say Cheese

I think the armadillo should be a model for a future Japanese cartoon character. I know, how presumptious of me, but how can I not be? I'm bias, but just look at him! :)

Tantrum #76

Oh my little armadillo, I love you with all my heart and soul, despite every tantrum and swipe at my face you take. I know it's a "phase" and it comes with the territory, but I'm dumbfounded about all the reasons the armadillo finds to throw a tantrum. Some are apparent as to the reason, but the majority are not.

Today was a new one for me. Now that the armadillo wants to stretch his little legs every now and then, when he wants out, oh boy, he wants out. Okay fine, I can deal with that. I love seeing his bliss at walking around. He has smiles from ear to ear, at the same time, mustering all of his concentration to not fall down. The armadillo has even taken a zealous interest in pushing the stroller around.

So today the armadillo was walking around CPK where he and I went to pick up lunch. They call your name when your order is ready, so we had to stick around close to the counter. Well, the armadillo didn't like that. His abhorrence of walking around a 3 foot perimeter was becoming more and more evident by his crying and whining. Sure he was sauntering around, but not the way he wanted to. Introducing tantrum #76 ... the "I'm stuck in a 3 foot perimeter penal complex and I loathe it!". Oh boy oh boy oh boy. So I extended it to a 10 foot perimeter and hoped to hear my name before our pizzas got cold. He seemed satisfied with that. Whew! It took us another 20 minutes to exit the mall and get to the car, but the armadillo was very pleased with himself that he walked all that way.

Of course, when he's content, mommy is blissful as eating all-you-can-eat-sushi on an empty stomach with a cold Sapporo on your right. Aaaahhhh ...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Just Me and the Armadillo

B has to work this weekend so it's like a 7 day work week for the armadillo and I. No problem for us. We went to Barnes & Noble like any other weekday, and browsed the children's books. I'm surprised with the selection of books available for kids of all ages. On one side you have the easy reader books, on the other, you have the board books, further in you have the dragon themed books, the Lemony Snickets series, Star Wars, and of course the ever popular Harry Potter. That reminds me Harry Potter's latest book will be released next week. So thrilling! I've been waiting for this for so long ... I'm sure with millions of other kids as well.

With all of these books available how do you know what to choose? I guess it's the main reason I borrow the armadillo's books from the library, the majority of it that is. It's cheaper and if I don't like it, I just return it. No questions asked and no hassle with the return policy.

My fave books right now to read to the armadillo include the popular Olivia series by Ian Falconer. Olivia is an adorable adventurous pig that's just not your ordinary pig. She full of personality and a little bit of mischief added in.

Since the armadillo is sleeping it's another Sex and the City weekend. Borrowed season six part one. In case you're not aware ... I love ... love ... love this show. These women are beautiful, intelligent, fashion icons, and hilarious! I'm currently watching the "He's Not that Into You" episode. Eye opener for a little women I bet. "There are no mix messages ... he's just not that into you."

Ok, I just saw an ad for the new fragrance from Paris Hilton. Um, why?

Last night we all ate Indian food. We had Chicken Tikka Kibab, Chicken Tikka Marsala, naan, and rice. B had some other sidedish but I can't remember what it was. The food was good but not as good as this other place we go to in Walnut Creek. B and I love Indian food and it appears that the armadillo fancies it too. Here's a pic from last night. It's the armadillo eating a piece of naan. Isn't he so adorable?! I just want to plant smooches all over that face!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Walking = Exercise = Sweat = More Baths

Since the armadillo is itching to walk more and more when were out and about, he definitely works up a sweat doing it. Lately we've been going to either Borders or Barnes & Noble, and I'll let him walk around the children's area. It's as if it's gotten to the point that when he sees those decorative carpeted steps, he's whining to be set loose. Freedom! Freedom from the stroller! Freedon from restraints! The armadillo adores walking around and picking up random things along the way. Walking towards objects that are taboo and testing mommy's limits. The wire turnstills are a favorite of the armadillo's. Until he ends up leaning on it in one direction and the turnstills proceed to well, turn. Mommy doesn't approve but he doesn't seem to mind. Occasionally he'll take my hand but most time he ignores my outstretched hand and walks on by. "Mommy I don't need any help! I can do it by myself." is what I imagine he would say if he could. I'm probably embarrassing him in front of the cool older children that head straight to the Harry Potter section. When I'm finally able to corral the armadillo there's usually a struggle, but eventually mommy wins. I have to ... Mommy has to always win, I keep reminding myself. As usual he's warm and worked up a little sweat. This is a cue for me to give him a bath tonight. Fun fun fun!

Walking = Exercise = Sweat = More Bochas [Baths]

Lucy's Not Feeling Well

My poor baby Lucy, she's looking sluggish again. I'm not sure if it's because of her cancer or if she's the one that ate a bunch of kitty litter and is feeling ill from that. One of the dogs ate a bunch of kitty litter yesterday and proceeded to vomit on the floor and on the carpet. It was gross and we'll leave it at that. Not sure who it was because we didn't see anyone get sick or eat the kitty litter. I'm leaning towards Lucy because she was lying near the vomit. Hopefully she's in the process of recovering from an upset stomach rather than the ill effects of her cancer. She's not eating too much and so far will only eat beef and chicken. Normally Lucy will eat almost everything except her own dog food. We'll wait a couple of days and if she's not back to her normal behavior, it's time to go to the vet again for another blood count. Sigh ... Happy Friday...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hello Kitty Laptop

Kitty1As seen on Techie Diva's Blog, for you Hello Kitty Fans is the Limited Edition Hello Kitty Laptop by NEC. This laptop has a 1GHz pentium processor, 40GB HD, a 12.1" display, and only weighs 2.99 pounds. You also get a Hello Kitty DVD player, Hello Kitty case, and a Hello Kitty DVD Carrying Case. With all its cuteness, it's somewhat pricey ... $2599.00. Of course B said "no way" to my request for one. But I said it's so cute! And he just gave me an exasperated look. Oh well, one can hope can't I?

Visit Techie Diva's blog for more astounding gadgets.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Armadillo Affection

The armadillo had his Gymcrawlers class today. What made this an exceptional class this time were two occurrences. The first was his proud rooster walk. Chest up and out ... walking as tall as he can be! The rest of his class were impressed. The mothers let out an amazed "wow" and congratulated how surprised they were at his willingness and ability to walk by himself. The armadillo was swollen with pride. He was smiling from ear to ear ... smiling so hard that his eyes disappeared.

The second and to be honest surprising gesture by the armadillo was the display of affection he showered on his Gym buddies. Two of his Gym buddies, Isabella and Christian were the recipients of a soft-hearted armadillo hug. I was taken back by his warm demonstrations. It was so unexpected and at the same time so warming. I was so pleased to see the armadillo hugging his buddies. It was such a precious moment. Both Isabella and Christian's mothers were also so delighted by the armadillo's display of warmth.

It was one of his best classes. The armadillo was full of smiles, even for Teacher Ray, who he's somewhat hesitant most of the time. The armadillo was even starting to lose his fear of climbing and allowed me to help him climb the ramps set up all throughout the class. He was having a blast descending down the slide. Today has been a good day. Of course as a pleased as can be mommy, I was kicking myself for not bringing a camera to class. But at least I have my memories, which I can only hope will last forever.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Quieter than Usual 4th of July

Count our blessings because last night the armadillo didn't wake up from the fireworks. There were booms heard here and there, but luckily not as much as I thought there would be. Thankfully no one close by decided to light any annoying loud fireworks. Or if they did and woke up my armadillo, I would have to start a rampage out there.

An appraiser came by this morning. B & I are looking to re-fi since the houses in this area have been selling at great prices. They're so much higher than what we bought the house for. Hopefully she'll give us a good appraisal.

The armadillo and I went down to San Ramon. We went to Target, for a quick purchase of course! We then went to Borders. The armadillo loves his pretzels so we shared an asiago pretzel. So yummy! We then went to the children's section. Picked out some books and I let the armadillo loose! Oh boy ... he wanted to go everywhere! He was walking around and touching everything. Every now and then he wanted to crawl, but I didn't want him crawling on the dirty floor. Of course a tantrum ensued when I would pick him up. Oh he's getting so good with tantrums. Then the armadillo got into pushing the stroller. Didn't want no help from me of course. He was walking around so much he started to sweat. What a workout! I then had to pick him up to leave Borders, and let's just say he didn't favor that option. Thankfully he calmed down enough for me to put him back in his stroller. Picked up lunch from Kilohana Grill again. Their special today was pork adobo. Pretty good since I don't eat that too often up here. The armadillo had a grilled chicken sandwich from Mickey D's. He loved that of course!

Finally finished The Da Vinci Code Audio CD. Great book! I'm looking forward to the movie. Now I'm listening to The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. I read the book when it first came out and loved the story. Highly recommended for a fun read!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Flash Back From the Past

Just wanted to post some older photos of the armadillo. The photo above is when the armadillo was 2 months old.

Armadillo ~ 4 months old

Aramdillo ~ 4 months old

Armadillo as a puppy for Halloween 2004.

Armadillo Christmas 2004

Armadillo Hawaii 2005

Armadillo & B Easter 2005

How time flies and how the armadillo has grown!

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