Thursday, June 30, 2005

Can you Guess Who?

I refer to this post ... The rumors are oh-so-ripe for the picking. We cannot resist reporting on the scandalous findings that have apparently been flooding the inboxes of bloggers and gossip mongers alike. This slice of gossip greatness is rife with scandal and sass. Without any further compunction here it is: ... see more on Splendora's blog.

Scroll down if you're not sure who the rumor is in reference to ...

Said celebrity is ... see below ...

Photo courtesy of

Geesh, what do you think??? Oh and said male pop star is allegedly the married lead singer of Matchbox 20. Yikes.

My Buddy & Me

Here's another one of the armadillo and his best buddy Hunter taking their afternoon nap. So totally adorable!!

Atsui Atsui Atsui!

Damn, it's hot today, and the forecast says that it's supposed to get hotter this weekend. Atsui! This weather is too hot. I can't take the armadillo outside in his sporty red car for a ride. It's too uncomfortable to walk around. It's much more comfortable to stay in our air-conditioned house, but it's boring for the armadillo.

We went down to Pleasanton Stoneridge Mall to kill time and for the armadillo to sleep in the car since the housecleaners came this morning. I was glad for the drive since I could listen to more of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown audio CD. I'm on CD #11 and there's a total of thirteen. I hope I can finish it by 7/5/05, that's when it's due to the library. The story's getting really good since it's almost done. It's funny but I can't wait to get back in the car and drive! Believe it or not but this was one of the rare times that there wasn't anything that I was looking for. I actually I had to find things to look at to past the time.

Kilohana BBQ Chicken

After the mall, the armadillo and I picked up lunch from Kilohana Grill in San Ramon. The armadillo got the BBQ chicken lunch and I got the Chili special. The chicken was so so as far as BBQ Chicken goes. The chili was good, it had Portuguese sausage in it which was nice. I haven't had chili in ages. Geesh, I sure miss Zippy's! It would so ideal if there was a Zippy's up here. It would be convenient to just pop on in and get a chicken plate for me and the armadillo. Then pick up a box of apple napples. Oh my mouth waters with the thought of Zippy's fried chicken, their chili and dessert. It's torture just thinking of it! ... So stop thinking about it!!! :)

Zippy's Chili

Zippy's Napples

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We Love Gymcrawlers!

The armadillo finally was well enough to go back to Gymcrawlers. He had so much fun. Before class he was walking outside. There's a fountain in front of the Gymboree classes and he adores fountains. The fountain is surrounded by aluminum frames. The armadillo used the frames to walk around the fountain. I wish I took pictures! Then he holds onto my hand ... only 1 hand now ... and was walking around the front. He's getting so much better with walking. He barely holds onto my hand now.

In the class the armadillo was so social with everyone. He was going around to all the play figures and having fun. The armadillo was smiling and laughing. He is so adorable!

We came home and shared the rotissere chicken lunch from Claim Jumper. Yummy chicken as usual. Of course he ate a ton of chicken and drank his whole milk, emptied the bottle.

He spent so much energy at Gymcrawlers that he had no problem falling asleep for his afternoon nene [nap]. What a workout! All tuckered out and snoring ... :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Too Cute to Eat

Came across this website, Choco Choco House which features delectable chocolate treats. The collection includes chocolate desserts in the shape of sassy purses, chic shoes, and lovely sweet truffles.

Everything looks so yummy, but so adorable at the same time. I don't know if I would eat it if I received it. That's why I have to order in multiples. :) Now which one do I want ...

Baby Jekyll/Baby Hyde

Are you able to go from happy to sad in a split second? I don't think I could, but you have to ask B about that, but I know my armadillo can. Oh boy, can that boy switch personalities! One second he's smiling, the next he's throwing a tantrum.

We went to Walnut Creek today. Walked around and found some great deals at GapBaby. They're having another sale and a lot of the boys clothes were on sale. Picked up these items in 18-24 months.

Bought these pants in dark brown and khaki. $9.99 each

This shirt was only $6.99.

Missed some other shirts so I think I'll go back another time to see if they're still there.

An homage to my grandparents for getting B and I hooked on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. We can't go a weeknight without watching Wheel of Fortune. It's so addicting that we have Wheel of Fortune on our TIVO Season Pass. Um, and I have a Wheel ID. Yes, it's that bad.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Awful Bedtime Stories

We went to the library this afternoon to return some books and dvd's. I picked up some books that I had on reserve for the armadillo. Boy the stories are awful. I wished I didn't return some of the books I had. I especially loved that story "Bedtime for Frances", such a cute book. I also enjoyed "Goodnight Opus" ... adorable bedtime adventure story. I think that I need to reserve those books again.

It's a good thing that we have some books that we own that we could read to the armadillo. We read "Click Clack Moo" tonight. The armadillo's cousins gave him this book and other wonderful books as well. I enjoy that book, it has a humorous storyline and adorable illustrations.

Baby Said Knock You Out

How lucky are we? We got a hitter. The armadillo has started hitting. He thinks it's funny but we're not laughing. Oh brother I'm dreading if this progresses. The armadillo hits us and has also started hitting poor Musubi. Luckily Musubi is tolerating it for now. Hopefully he'll "grow out" of it soon. I guess maybe all toddlers go through the hitting phase, some longer than others. What's also kind of funny is that he's started to hit more, but at the same time, he's been giving us more hugs. Love with a side of bittersweet pain.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pottery Barn Kids Trip

We went to PBK today to return a slipcover for the armadillo's Anywhere chair. The original slipcover we bought, the zipper broke and couldn't get it off the chair. It's an adorable chair and we can't wait to have the armadillo use it. We're waiting for the PBK in Emeryville to ship us the original slipcover we bought since they didn't have it in the Walnut Creek store. It's a cute 'railroad' print. I can't wait to him sit in it and take his pic!

We all ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I had the Sante Fe Chicken pizza ... eh it was okay, nothing to brag about. B had the tostada pizza and D had the BBQ chicken pizza. The armadillo had his OWN kid's pizza ... the BBQ chicken pizza. He loved it and enjoyed eating the cheese, chicken, and crust. It's so exciting to be able to order the armadillo his own meal ... such a big boy!

We gave the armadillo his bocha [bath] tonight. I don't know why but lately he puts up such a fuss when it's time to dry him and put on his diaper and pj's. He loves taking a bath, but hates it when he comes out. The armadillo fusses and cries, making it difficult to get him dressed. Oh the drama! :) But we still love him!!! He's sleeping now ... good night sweet pea!

Lucy ~ Update

We took Lucy to the Emergency Vet Clinic this afternoon. They did a blood count and determined that she was mildly - moderately anemic. Her gums were pale but not white. All in all they let us bring Lucy home. I need to call Banfield [her regular vet] and check her last blood count to see what the difference is between then and today. She's doing okay now, still somewhat lethargic but she's eating. Not her regular dog food of course, but leftovers from my chinese food and some treats! She's sleeping now and getting some needed rest. Hopefully if she is bleeding internally that the bleeding subsides and her anemic levels subside. I'm thinking we're probably take her to Banfield this weekend to check her blood levels again.

I'm glad she is home. I hope that her energy levels come back and she's back to being the same sassy lovable puppy we adore!

Taking Lucy to the Emergency Vet Clinic

She's not doing too well this afternoon. Sigh ... her gums are pale and she's not eating treats. I hate thinking about it but this is most likely related to her cancer. She's lethargic and not the lovable hyper dog we adore. B went to take D home and then we're going to the Emergency Vet Clinic as soon as he gets back. Probably in an hour or so. Sigh ... I'm not ready for this ...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sex & the City Addict

Borrowed seasons 4 & 5 of Sex & the City from the library. I've been hooked on watching the Sex & the City episodes. I love that show. Hilarious and oh so hip! I'm so glad that I have a library card ... I save tons of $$! It's just a bummer that I only get a week to watch these. That's my weekend plans when the armadillo is sleeping ... Sex & the City marathon!

Lunch's on Me

Today's Saturday and D is over for the weekend. Since B's home this weekend it's a great opportunity to buy and return the big stuff. We had to return 2 My First Leap Pad's that the armadillo received for his birthday. Unfortunately we didn't have receipts so we got merchandise credit and had to spend it that day. Store policy, whatever. The armadillo got some fantastic new toys.

Above are some of the toys that the armadillo got. He's going to have so much fun!

We all went to Claim Jumper for lunch. Love that place. Great food and lots of it! The picture above is of the armadillo offering to pick up the tab with his CompUSA gift card. He's so generous! The lunch was great. The armadillo and I shared their rotissere chicken lunch. B had the meatloaf sandwich and D had the chinese chicken salad. Then we all shared the World's Smallest Sundae. So tasty!

Well the armadillo is taking his afternoon nap and the boys went to the dump. Apparently we have a lot of garbage. Who knew with 2 adults and 1 toddler living in this house?!

Friday, June 24, 2005

This House is Clean

How nice! We had the housecleaners come today and as always they did a great job. It's so amazing how much a difference a clean house makes. You can tell the house is clean by the way everything shines. So lovely!

Since the housecleaners come around 8:30 in the morning the armadillo and I vacate the house. I drove to Target down in San Ramon, about a 20-25 minute drive depending how fast you speed. The armadillo fell asleep about 10 minutes into the drive so we sat in the parking lot for an additional 30 minutes so he'd have a "decent" morning nap and not be so cranky on me. I didn't mind as I am still listening to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I read the book awhile ago, but I'm listening to it again. It's a fantastic read.

Why is it that not all Targets are created alike? This one in San Ramon has a wider selection of items than the one I go to in Pleasant Hill. Not fair! Not fair!

Picked up lunch from L&L Hawaiian BBQ. They have malasadas now. Definitely NOT as good as Leonard's [in Hawaii]. But they're decent if you need a quick malasada fix.

The armadillo has finally fell asleep for his afternoon nap. About 10 minutes ago. I wonder how long he'll sleep since he didn't get much sleep this morning. The dogs are sleeping too. Wow what a life!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Give Me a Hug

It's not the best pic ... had to take it with a camera phone with little light ... but it's the armadillo giving a hug to our kitty Sterling. Not sure if Sterling enjoyed it as much as my armadillo did. Armadillo is such a sweetie ... he was giving hugs to the kitties last night ... so precious!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No Gymcrawlers Again

Armadillo still has his cold and we didn't think it would be a good idea to take him to Gymcrawlers today. I'm sure the other mommies would appreciate that. Armadillo's still sniffling and coughing, the poor critter.

Instead we went to Old Navy to check out their latest stuff. I'm so disappointed in their boys clothing. The selection gets less and less everytime I go there, and what's available is not anywhere as good as other places. It's so second-rate. We also went to Jamba Juice ... oh armadillo LOVES the sourdough parmesan pretzel. We sat outside for about 1/2 hour eating the pretzel, and the weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

It's time for armadillo's afternoon nap, and he's not sleeping. He throws Hunter over the side of the crib then gets distraught that Hunter's not with him. Can't figure out that one. I'm watching him on the video monitor and he's just walking around the railings. I've already been in there once to give Hunter back to him and change his diaper ... armadillo gave me a #2, how special. Now I'm looking at the video monitor and I don't see Hunter in the crib. Nice. Which means I'm going to have to go back in there. Armadillo's a silly boy. Well 15 minutes later and my armadillo's fast asleep. They are so adorable when they sleep!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Armadillo's Good Buddies

I just thought I'd post pictures of my armadillo's good buddies. He loves them and they love him, though Sterling shows his love by running away everytime the armadillo approaches!

Lucy ~ The Beautiful Queen Mother

Aiko ~ The Naive Princess

Sterling - Revolution! Long live El Gato!

Musubi ~ I'm a Lover not a Fighter

They are beautiful and we love them all!

The Fish Head Lives

Yesterday we took my armadillo to the doctor's office. After about 1/2 hour wait, which was fun, for the armadillo who was practicing walking everywhere outside and inside the office, the doctor came in. Armadillo despises the doctor with everything in his adorable little body. At a mere 1 year old, he recognizes her and bawls as soon as she approaches him. I don't think this will go away until he is 12. While she was checking him out he was crying and reaching out for B and me. I just wanted to pick him up and hold him!

The doctor said that he's getting better and to keep w/the nebulizer treatments if his coughing episodes get longer and more frequent. That we shouldn't wait till he gets to the point of wheezing. I guess that means we have to keep that nebulizer out and dusted frequently. That also means we can't kill the fish head.

Monday, June 20, 2005

A Hidden Camera Would Have Gotten Me a Better Picture

But unfortunately I had to use my camera phone so that I would get a "decent" picture without the interference of a flash. This shot is off the video monitor we have in our room. The camera is screwed in the wall above him. I wish I could go into my armadillo's room without waking him up. He is always so cute when he sleeps! It makes me want to go into his room and curl up next to him. But then I would break the crib! Yikes!

This picture is of my little armadillo and his bestest buddy Hunter taking a nap this morning! We love Hunter!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I Hate That Fish Head

My armadillo's breathing has gotten much better so we decided to stop the nebulizer treatments. With the nebulizer he has to wear a mask and the manufacturer made a soft plastic one for kids in the shape of fish head. It's got eyes and fins. Looks more eerie than cute. He's still taking the liquid medication which smells like grape juice but the armadillo still hates it anyway.

He's still coughing and sneezing, but the sneezing is not so bad.

To add to all this misery we can see that the armadillo is getting 4 more teeth on the top! Wow!! I'm surprised his mood is as good as it is. Whew!

*****Happy Pappys's Day Pappy!!
We Love You!! ~ Armadillo, Armadillo's Mommy, Lucy, Aiko, Sterling, & Musubi*****

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Armadillo Getting Better

Well after a day of nebulizer treatments he's looking better. His breathing has improved, not so shallow and rapid. He's still coughing and has a runny nose. My armadillo appeared to have a good night's sleep, sleeping for about 11 hours. Great news! He also doesn't have a fever anymore, but still a little warm. We're going to continue with the treatments and his medication. He's going back to the doctor on Monday for a follow up.

We were supposed to go to B's mom's house for dinner tonight and possibly attend some street fair in Willow Glen, but one of armadillo's medication may lower his immune system, so we're keeping him away from others. Especially since it always seems that whenever we see B's family, the armadillo gets sick. But it could be coincidence, but who's keeping track? ;)

Armadillo's Bedtime Reading List

Here's what we're currently reading at bedtime ...

Good Night Moon

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight

The Going to Bed Book

Bear Snores On

Bedtime for Frances

Friday, June 17, 2005

We have a Sick Armadillo

Oh my poor armadillo. Last night was a horrible night for him. He had a fever, coughing, spitting up, restless sleep, and the most troubling ... breathing difficulties. We called the Advice Nurse last night who advised us to give him 2 droppers of Infants' Tylenol to bring down his fever and hopefully his shallow rapid breathing would subside. Well this morning, his fever came down a little bit but his breathing was still irregular. He sounded as if he just ran the marathon. It was decided take him to the doctor. Poor baby was wheezing and the doctor prescribed him a breathing treatment in the office. We used a nebulizer to administer the medicine. If you don't know what a nebulizer is, it is a device used to change liquid medication to an aerosol particulate form. Boy did he HATE it! My armadillo was crying most of the time and we had to do it twice. Poor baby! The doctor didn't want to diagnose asthma just yet because he also has a cold as well. A delivery company is supposed to bring us one of those nebulizer machines to use. We have to use it every 4-6 hours for him, as well as administer liquid medication. If his breathing doesn't improve tomorrow morning we have to bring him back to the doctor's office in the morning.

My armadillo's sleeping right now ... the most amount of consistent sleep he's had for a couple of days. Hopefully he will feel better soon and that he doesn't have asthma. Send some speedy recovery wishes to my armadillo please!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Armadillo ~ The Next Stage

Well my armadillo is moving through the stages of his cold. He's now coughing as well as having a runny nose and sneezing. Thankfully he's not as fussy as I thought he would be, but his patience fuse is definitely shorter.

Armadillo has been moving over to the Gerber Graduates line of food. That's the only "baby" food he eats these days. Normally he'll eat what we're having or we'll order special for him. It's so great to see him eat "grown up" foods. Our little armadillo is growing up! His latest obsession is pretzels. He loves eating pretzels, not the hard crunchy ones, but the soft chewy ones. His favorite is the Grilled Asiago Pretzel from the Barnes & Noble cafe. They grill it and it's hot and chewy. So yummy!

The armadillo is also on 75% whole milk and 25% formula. We're slowly making the transition to 100% whole milk. Thankfully there has been no adverse reactions to the milk.

He can also give us the sign for "Milk" and "light". It also seems as when we do the sign for "water" he knows what we're saying. Hopefully he'll give us more signs as time goes on.

He's not walking fully on his own yet, just a few steps here and there. But he loves to walk and hates it when you pick him up. He'll probably start walking soon. When that happens I have to warn the dogs & cats to watch out ... the armadillo is on the loose!

Decided to Change the Look

You'll find I'll go through templates as I go through purses! Trying a different look and feel.

Love these Rings

Endulge yourself in Japanese luxury! Kimono fabric, the jewel of Japan's art tradition, dates back hundreds of years ago. The fabric is composed of intricate hand-dyed patterns — a painstaking process, as it takes great skill to prevent the colours from running together in such detailed work. Each of these acrylic rings encases a genuine piece of kimono fabric. Made in Japan.

These rings and other delightful ring styles can be seen at The Carrotbox for only $16.00!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sanitary Chair

As seen on the Shiny Shiny - A Girl's Guide to Gadgets site, here is the Sanitary Chair. Perfect for those of you that have that germ phobia. Next time you have a get together invite your not so clean friends and have them sit on your sanitary chair. After they leave, just tear the paper off and voila! clean as new! Hilarious!

No Gymcrawlers Today

Well since my little armadillo is sick we're going to skip Gymcrawlers today. What a bummer. My armadillo and I love going to that class. He gets to see all of his buddies and I get to talk with the wonderful mothers. I really should check to see when Gymwalker classes are.

I had to put Hunter [Armadillo's lovey] in the wash. He got armadillo snot all over him from last night. Such is the life of a lovey. My little armadillo loves Hunter. I don't know if he could fall asleep without him. Thank goodness B and I bought 3 Hunters ... just in case.

This is an older picture of my armadillo and his bestest buddy Hunter!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two Top Teeth

Well after 2 1/2 months, my little armadillo is getting more teeth. We can see his two top teeth coming in. They are just popping through! My poor armadillo, not only does he have a cold, but he's seriously teething as well. Hopefully he doesn't have a rough night tonight. I can see and hear him on the monitor and he's all stuffed up. We gave him some night time triaminic, so I'm hoping that will help him sleep. Sweet dreams my little armadillo.

Armadillo Sniffles

It seems that my poor little armadillo has caught a cold. He's been sneezing all day and showering us with lovely baby snot. Yums.

We have the grape flavored triaminic all set for him. Triaminic works well for him, I just wished it was dye free, he always manages to get some on his clothes and I can never wash it out. Today he's wearing his Appaman's Easy Rider shirt. I love that shirt and have to remember to change his shirt beforehand. I don't want to have a grape stained Appaman shirt.

Diaper Bag Wishlist

These are some diaper bags that I'm obsessing about ...

Petunia Pickle Botoom

Caden Lane "Lola"

Bumble Bag "Latte"

Fleurville Sling Tote "Gold Flower"

I'm sure there's more but I can't post them all!

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